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    DA, I have nothing against helping humans in other countries, but I can't see the point in inviting them here to take advantage of a system that gives and gives when they contribute very little once here. (yes I know it's (apparently) only the few that do this. I also don't have a problem with our government sending foreign aid to disadvantaged countries. I do however have a big problem with our government continuing to send money to a couple of Asian countries who have, nuclear weapons, intercontinental ballistic missiles, space programs, etc, etc. I'm sure you know the two countries I am referring to. I'm also pretty sure this doesn't make me a raging, frothing at the mouth, racist person..
    Would you help a neighbour out who claimed he'd fallen on hard times, yet drove a Porsche Carrerra , had the latest iPhoneX planted to his ear and had the latest 55" smart tv in his living room ?
  2. Confused, man. I accept you condemn cruelty to animals.

    It's just that your (over)reaction to the example I gave - an approved educational process in a college lab - suggested to me a heavy dose of 'safe ground' sanctimoniousness.

    Coupled with the obvious contempt you hold some groups of human beings simply because they belong to that group.

    Like most of your postings, Harry, it just don't smell good.
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  3. Oh go away, JJ.

    On and on and on and on and on about how fair you are. That's it's only some folk you have an issue with...

    Yet you go on and on and on and on about how scroungie these folk are. Never just a 'few' (well done you for adding that proviso now) but, man, you are obsessed.
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    Och gaun awa yerself DA. Protected well from the real world there in the North Devon Liberal Snowflakes Club. ;););)
  5. If the 'real world' to you is a 'scrounger' who you'll gladly see as representing a whole group, then you know what that is called, don't you, JJ?
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    DA if you're going to cast aspersions, at least read what I wrote (and please let it settle in between your ears for a while) I also seem to remember Broon saying you tar everyone of a similar mind with the same brush. Sorry DA that my thoughts just don't exactly align with yours, but that's the way of the world mate.. PS now what about that hypothetical neighbour of yours that's fallen on hard times,, have you helped him out yet? Perhaps put a good few gallons of petrol in his car?, or bought him some mobile data for his phone?, paid a months tv licence fee ??????????????? (ahh,,,,, thought not,, you ungrateful , selfish neighbour, you) ;););););)
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    DA a snowflake? Pffft I think not.
    He is the bravest of bravest & a true man.
    We NEED people like him in our world & on our forums.
    I quite like him meself :p
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    Robin, we know you're actually DA's alternate account, so do us all a favour and stop talking to yourself man. (bravest of the bravest, fer Christ sake) I bet he's also a keen Rotarian. :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Did you sack the real DA :mad:
    Well... did you? :(
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    Tell ya, if DA got the sack, he bloody well deserved it. Anyway, have you borrowed his favourite tarring brush? He'll be wanting it back shortly. :D:D:D:D

  11. JJ, do you know any neighbours who say they have 'fallen on hard times, yet drove a Porsche Carrerra , had the latest iPhoneX planted to his ear and had the latest 55" smart tv in his living room'?

    No, nor do I.

    And yet you cite this as an example to make your 'point'.

    Exactly as you went on about 'iPhone-clutching, money-demanding, immigrant scroungers' that you have also not met.

    Neither your fantasy neighbour nor your scrounger immigrant are exemplar.

    But you are still willing to cite it as your excuse for your anti-immigration ideology.

    Do you get it? It's like someone calling all joiners dishonest and bigoted based on only your postings. It wouldn't be fair, would it?

    And it isn't just now, JJ - this ain't nuffink new. You have been like that for more than a year, since the Ref was postulated. Either saying 'stuff' yourself, or else by 'liking' even worse stuff by the other u-s.

    Keep talking, JJ. Keeping trying to squirm out of it.

    It's TOO LATE. We KNOW what you think.
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    DA I have only ever used examples , plenty of which are out there in the media (if you care to search for it the truth is out there man) No good posting links you won't even look at though. The neighbour with the Porsche and the iPhone X, was actually used as a metaphor for the countries which receive foreign aid (lost you there apparently) , despite having space programs (does the UK have it's own space program?) , nuclear weapons, icbm's etc, etc.. Do you still think it's fair that £millions/ billions go to these countries? I for one certainly don't think we should be supporting these sort of countries DA (you obviously think differently) It's not a case of stuff you, rather it's a case of "You have these expensive programs, yet neglect your own people, Sort it out or the money stops." Please don't tell me I'm alone in thinking this.
  13. No, JJ, you are not alone.

    Lots of you about as we've seen.

    Taking unrepresentative examples to try and paint an inaccurate 'bigger' picture.

    Got it yet?

    "They've got a space program, so we shouldn't help their poorest. EASY! fnuuurrrrrr." "We open our doors and scroungers come it to take advantage and give nothing back! EASY! fnurrrrrr."

    "And I'm not the only one to think this! No! There's lots of stuff like that on the interphail".

    All you have to do, JJ, is to FOR ONCE try a search for "Why does the uk give money to India (or insert any other '3rd world' country"? Then don't go to Britain First's website from the results, but deliberately choose one you KNOW is honest and impartial. If you aren't sure, then enter the name of that site again with a "Is XXXXXXX an impartial website?"

    Then try, ooh, I dunno, something like "Do immigrants get given more than us indigenous whities in the UK?" Or "Is immigration overall a good thing?" "What are the pros and cons of immigration?" "How many immigrants are actually iPhone-clutching scroungers?" Or "Am I a mindless bigot - what are the clues?"
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    I don't like the idea of foreign aid going to the wrong people either.

    The reason why extreme organisations are created is to counterbalance extremes the other way. I'm sure the majority of UK residents aren't against immigration as such, but against immigration that's uncontrolled and attracts scroungers, lazy people, criminals and terrorists. People who come here legally, mix in well, can support themselves and contribute something are welcome. Genuine refugees likewise.
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  15. Hmm but you wanted to stop eu free movement, working people supporting themselves and contributing to society.

    The immigration problem that was highlighted was seperate to that
  16. Cool. That's fine, Harry.

    I agree with a lot of that.

    Now tell me the proportion of 'scroungers, criminals and terrorists' that are coming in (and being allowed to stay) compared to the 'decent' ones?

    This is my whole point with JJ - painting this (wilfully) distorted picture.
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    DA, do you not read the newspapers, or surf the internet (apart from coming on here?) If you believe there's no criminals, scroungers and (possible) terrorists getting into the country, then I suggest you move to a city, perhaps London or Birmingham and get out a bit. I've said before, you seem well insulated from the outside world there in North Devon. Either that or actually start reading and digesting the news, surf the internet away from the safety of a diy forum. Go to other places, instead of the North Devon Liberal Club. (that last, greatest bastion of the snowflake brigade) Read some different newspapers (you don't have to have just the Guardian delivered daily)
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    By total coincidence, we do have a neighbour who lost his job (through his own fault) Does have a Ford Escort, does actually have an iPhone on contract, and already had a bigger tv than I could afford. Used to borrow a quid/ fiver here and there to buy "food" for his family, but still manages to go to the pub more than I do.(and spends more in one evening than I would in a month) Still manages to get through 30 cigarettes a day, still manages to pay his ongoing phone contract.(£35 a month by all accounts) and also has Sky tv on a contract.
    So tell me DA, what the hell am I doing wrong, when I go to work for an average 45+ hrs every week, can't afford to go to the pub regularly and only have a phone contract costing very little per month (average between £4 -£7) Surely it can't be the fact that I pay my rent and he gets housing benefit? Where am I going wrong? (please tell) I'd never be able to afford to run my car if I were on the bloody dole. Hell, I wouldn't be able to afford to go to the pub at all, far less have a phone contract. I doubt I could even pay the bloody tv licence. (not sure if he actually has a tv licence though)
  19. Harry Stottle

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    DA it's not a distorted picture, what I want and millions of others want too is controlled borders so we can root out the scroungers, criminals etc. and let the genuine applicants in. It seems simple enough.
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    Not only that Harry, I want UK courts to have the ability to deport undesirables, without having to consider the undesirables right to live in the UK if he/ she is a danger to our society. (a concept DA just doesn't seem to be able to grasp. He doesn't consider anyone a danger to society (apparently))

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