PIV units and air quality

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by MattJG, May 21, 2020.

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    Tell me if this fits a better subforum.

    A 3 week problem of a almighty stench of weed from my neighbours house wafting into our 1930s terraced house under the floorboards/through walls (which after a spiky conversation with nextdoor turned out due to them having all of their carpets up to be replaced- they've done it now thank god and it's.much better) has me thinking about air quality and improvements in that regard.

    I've done some bodge job sealing where I can bit we do get some penetrations of cigarette and weed odor from time to time now. I will continue with some sealing but we will get things coming through due to the nature of the house construction.

    Would a PIV unit improve matters at all? Their main selling point seems to be mould/condensation but increasing air pressure slightly and pushing air out would suggest to me it would be effective and removing lingering stale air and remove those odors as well.

    The house itself is fully double glazed and has no mould/condensation problems. We have a ceiling mounted extractor in bathroom venting out to roof. This is purely about air quality and quality of life.

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    If you pressurize the house it will discourage any air being drawn into your house from next door. Fit one with a heat exchanger.

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