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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by benny boy, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. benny boy

    benny boy New Member


    I have just purchased a pair of plaster uplighters (Quote no 11480) but am a bit confused as how to wire them in, included in the pack are 2 silicone strips without wires in, and I can't see how you get the connection to the bulb mounting.

    Could anyone please help me?


    Benny Boy.
  2. andyboy

    andyboy New Member

    the silicone is heat proof sheathing to prevent the pvc cables from melting. The terminals are usually on the base of the ES or BC fitting.
  3. SC

    SC New Member


    I purchased some of these a while ago and had the same challenge. Strip the cores from some 0.75mm2 flex (only brown and blue needed) and strip the ends. On the bottom of the holder are 2 small holes, the wires push into these (sounds crude but are held very firmly - just make sure all the strands go in). Check also that the brown (live) goes to the bottom contact of the holder, not the screw cap. Thread the wires through the back part of the holder (attached to the uplighter) and back through into the uplighter (difficult to explain but gets the wires back into the uplights and gives them some strain relief.
    Put the sleeving on these wires and use a block connector to join to the T&E from the wall as per instructions. Ensure the connector is well clear of the hot bulb.

    That's how I did it anyway. You could try connecting the T&E directly to the holder but O reckonoed it would be too stiff.

    Incidently SF managed to pack mine in the same box as a club hammer so they arrived in pieces, they had to collect them and send more (sent a gift voucher too).

    Hope this is of some help.

  4. SC

    SC New Member

    PS Andyboy - if only it were that simple :)!
  5. benny boy

    benny boy New Member

    Cheers SC, I'll give it a go this weekend!

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