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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Mrs Right, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Mrs Right

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    An enamel top-entry flue pipe from a wood burner bends at 45 degrees, enters a void in the wall above the wood burner before bending again to the vertical and joining the chimney. Is it ok for this void, which is vented to the room,to be faced with plasterboard? I'm particularly concerned about the point at which the pipe goes through the plasterboard. Thanks.
  2. Sean_ork

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    you'd normally have a metallic non combustible register plate, sealed at the base of the chimney for the flue to pass through - single skinned flues get very very hot and will quickly damage even fire retardant PB

    can you post some images ?

    is this a new install or a DIY task ?
  3. Mrs Right

    Mrs Right New Member

    Here is the current situation, which is definitely wrong and will be changed. The safest would probably be to brick up the hole, but other suggestions welcome. The flue pipe exits through the roof of the room (single storey) terminating in a stainless steel chimney, and wood burner (without closed-in hole) has done excellent service for years.

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  4. Sean_ork

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    that's an odd set-up - is there any way for the flue to enter the chimney far higher ? - you will be loosing a lot of heat by allowing the flue to exit so low
  5. Essex Chimney Sweep

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    HAve you ever had it swept ? if so what did your sweep say. That looks like a typical DIY install, no plasterboard is classed as a non combustible so should a minimum distance of 3times the diameter of the flue pipe from said pipe. If the flue pipe beind the wall is also single skin the same distances to combustibles must also be applied. Is that a false chimney breast that was build for the stove if so there should be a twin wall system behind ? if not how is the enamel vit pipe joined to the main flue, are there areas for soot to collect ? if so thats a potenial chimney fire, you need to be able to remove all soot.
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  6. Mrs Right

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    All redone and now completely different. Pipe no longer enclosed. Incidentally this isn't a chimney - the pipe continues through the roof (single storey) and yes it is double-wall insulated. Thread closed.
  7. Sean_ork

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    Thanks o_O

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