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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by nicnacs, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. nicnacs

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    I've just had some damp proof work done in my basement which has resulted in three of the walls of my bedroom being freshly boarded and skimmed. The fourth wall is a bit of a mess! I was tempted to go on a weekend plastering course and tackle it myself, but I don't have the time. I'm thinking of sticking some battens on and fixing plasterboard. But then I'd still have to skim I guess.

    I've heard of some plasterboard that doesn't need skimming - anyone got any ideas where I can get it? I'm not actually that fussed about finish: it's an old victorian house so the walls are supposed to be bumpy!

  2. Guest

    Hi Nicole,

    Plasterboard has a skimming side and a decorate side only, which means that you can get away without having to skim...You will only need to fill the joints and screw holes...if you dot and dab you wont have any screw holes...
    As for getting this none skimming plasterboard... anywhere...Wicks/ Builders yard so on...

    I'm sure others will give there views on this especially as its a Lady asking...

    Lots of Love and christmas kissesssssssssss
  3. T

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    dot and dab is the best way to go. Plaster board should always be white side out. If you get tappered edge boards all you have to do is tape the joints, and fill the tappered part of the boards.
  4. building control

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    and any rough bits can be sanded smooth?
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    Talking of rough, watch out for bodget&scarpers, the Casanova of the Screwfix Forum. It could be said that he takes the name 'Screwfix' too literally. Nuff said.
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  7. limestone cowboy

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    Oh no, here he is. Lock up your daughters!
  8. kjm

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    for the record brickman there is only one side of plasterboard that is used and that is the ivory side,,, the green side is no longer usable for any form of finishes , this is due to the low grade paper and adhesive used,,,, British Gypsum specified this change in Oct 02'
  9. Guest

    Green...Thats new to me. I ve never seen Green paper on Plasterboard...That must have been before my time when they used slate to write on...
  10. dj.

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    green side on a normal p/board, oh jeeezzzzz, ahhhh, ha, ha, ha ,ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he, ha ,ha ,ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he, ha ,ha ,ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, ha ,ha ,ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he, he, he, ha, ha ,ha, ho, ho, he, he, ha, he, he.

    oh jeeeeeez better than tommy cooper.

    depending on what board you buy will depend on which side you plaster/decorate....knauf board, as a rule are brown on both sides, gypsum boards are grey on one side. on the knauf boards you use the side without writing on it. on the british gypsum boards you use the side without writing on it, you see a pattern here. whichever you use just simply read the writing on the board,IT TELLS YOU which way to do it.
    as for the origional question just use normal plasterboard, tape and join and fill your screw-heads.
  11. plumface

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    All the plasterboard i use,dj,is either pink or still has the tin foil wrapping stuck to one side!lol
    Think i better ask KJM for the up to date advice!Ha,Ha,Ha,He,He,He.
    KJM , T W A T!
  12. kjm

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    **** eh!!!, i forgot that this is the DIY channel us PRO's ( Running a plastering and dry lining company for the past 15 years turning over £2million a year buying in more than £1/2 a million pound of plasterboard and a vast amount of other British gypsum products being a board member of the FPDA,,federation of plastering and drylining assocation,,) i shall reiteraite it for you,,, Years ago the paper used in the production of plasterboard had 2 different qualities A white side (ivory)For decoration/artexing/Taping and Jointing! And a Finishing side for the like of plastering (green) it used to be distinguished by having a GREEN stamp along the centre saying BG gypsum board

    The ivory paper had a smooth property to which allowed a fine material to cover and allow easier finishing, The GREEN side hade a more rough/courser paper which allowed the plaster finish to key on to (Stick for the knobs that use the word skim!!!!!)

    So if you like to eat **** and die i shall duly answer all plastering dry lining queries with a expert knowledge rarther than watching handy andy or DIY with Harry Greene or going on a super duper Sap's 4 day learn Jack plastering course, if any one wishes to discuss this futher contact me via the yellow pages ...................................................................................................................................its good to be a smart ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No off and play with you tools
  13. bathstyle

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    It'll be over soon Kim, until next month
  14. panlid

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    kjm. whats a plasterbord
  15. cabbie

    cabbie Member

    yep plasterboard has two sides ivory side for tileing joint filling ect and dark side for plastering have alook at the manufactures website
  16. D.E.B.S

    D.E.B.S New Member

    depends on make of board
  17. dj.

    dj. New Member

    so kjm, you clearly state in your last post that the boards have a "green stamp" but in your first post you said it was a green side.
    so now if somebody went to buy a knauf 4x3 board from wickes. they wouldnt find one with an ivory side that has a green stamp on it. i suggest you do a little bit of homework before you comment.
    i find on these forums that the more money people "say" they have the more b****t they continually dribble.

    if i was to answer the question properly i would simply say READ THE WRITING ON THE BOARD, IT TELLS YOU WHICH WAY ROUND TO PUT IT.
    gypsum have an ivory side, some knauf boards don't. read the board. i have said it many times on sf forums.
    so now we are in the year 2005 we don't have green writing on boards, so i'm still not quite sure of your point, unless you are still living in the 70s and you think times havn't evolved, in your own admission you said "years ago". so what is the point of telling someone about the green side when they don't even exist.
    jeeeeeez next you'll be telling us to go and buy some "wattle and daub," if you dont know what that is, go and ask someone at the 'Poncy D**ks Association'.
    i hate dribbling a*****s like you. so now, it is you, who had better go and eat **** to top up on what you spouted everywhere, f***g rim licker.


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  18. dj.

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    cabbie...go give yourself a slap you fool.

    sid, dunno why your asking him he is still perfecting the art of lath and plaster. "more horse hair kim, more horsehair", you should have plenty as you will have your very own horse parked outside. yeeeeeeehhhhaaaaarrrrrrrr.

  19. bilco

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    Hi Nicole
    You confused?? I bet
    Chances are the existing wall plaster is not too stable so I would be inclined to batten it using 25 x 50 battens at 400 ****, fixed every 600mm. Then use 12.5mm Taper edge Wall Board... screw fix with dryling screws at 150mm cntrs. For convenience use a pre-mixed filler, and paper tape to fill the joints and cover screw heads
  20. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Last year I earned £20.00 and had a single sheet of plasterboard imported (it was a small sheet) :(

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