Plasterboard to plasterboard adhesive

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by pledgeX, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. pledgeX

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    Any suggestions on the best plasterboard to plasterboard adhesive to use? I've got to do one small ceiling and one small wall. For the ceiling I should be able to locate the studs so the adhesive would just be an added bonus. It's unlikely I'll be able to rely on finding studs on the wall, so I'll assume that it'll be held 100% by the adhesive .

    The existing wall is in pretty bad shape too. The paper has come off in parts where the old tiles took the paper off with it, so the adhesive will need to cope with a less than ideal surface.
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  3. Jord86

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    Expanding foam for me on both surfaces. Take off any loose bits on the wall first, then prime with diluted PVA. Wait until tacky, then foam and fit your plasterboard. Use a foam gun rather than single use tin.
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    The thing that concerns me with expanding foam is that I haven't got much room for expansion, and I imagine it's tricky to get a straight finish unless you put EXACTLY the same amount of compound on each board, otherwise one will pop out more than another.

    I was looking at this stuff as it's not supposed to expand much:
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    Use the everbuild pink foam as it's designed for the job.
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    That's not how foam works.

    Just squirt it on.

    You are overthinking this and overworrying

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