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  1. mikefearn83

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    Hi there.

    just a quick bit of advice needed please. Our house is around 1930s and are getting each room plastered one by one. The other rooms have been fairly well covered in plaint but also had been wallpapered. This room we are currently doing has just had thick old paint on the walls at some point and has clearly not been mist coated when replastered a good while ago.
    The paint in this room comes off fairly easily and wondered if it all needs removing prior to having skimmed again.

    YouTube link below for a quick video.

    thank you.

  2. CGN

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    If the paint comes off easily, then yes, def remove it first.
  3. Wayners

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    Sharpen that scraper on 200, 400, 600, grade wet and dry.

    A more flexible scraper would help with edge put on it.

    Get paint of then acrylic primer. Spot fill. Spot prime filler and emulsion

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