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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by seylectric, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. seylectric

    seylectric New Member

    What does everybody use to plaster the walls around sockets, i.e. after chasing out a for a backbox?

    For the last few years I have used "casting plaster", about £8 for a 15kg (I think!) bag.

    1. It sets very quickly, a pain because you can only mix small quantities at a time but ideal for sockets because it dries out so quickly.

    2. It's white, and very smooth. Eay to use, priceless if you're hopeless at filling in like I am.

    3. It doesn't crack or swell up. Seems to be very strong too, doesn't crumble or "sand".

    Problem is, the only place in town that sold it has closed down, and i can't get hold of it now.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    If you mean the aroun dthe backbox literally then I dont - no need to I simply cut thge platesr away using a Stanley then cut out the wall (whatever it is brick, breeze, Thermolite) etc) using an SDS+ with chisel.

    If on the other hand you mean the channel down to the backbox then depends. If I am on site a few days then I fil with bonding plaster then a few millimtrs of Multifinish on top.

    If it has to be all done and dusted quickly then I use "One Time" by Red Devil Inc. It is truly amazing stuff especially for people who cannot plaster does not sag nor sink and does not need sanding afterwards either it is VERY smooth. Much better than things like Polyfilla etc.

  3. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    I have used one coat plaster, and, if I have any, a mixture of mortar and multi finish fethered into the original plasterwork either side.

    If I chase out a socket back box and leave a few edges I use filler, making sure to add a bit (but not too much water) around the gap, with relevent circuit OFF. This allows the filler to better adhere to the surface.

    Many people don't use enough water when making good plasterwork and get fustrated when the dry surface they're going onto just lets whatever is being used fall off.

    I know water and electrics is a no no but it's safe if you make sure the relevent circuit is isolated.

  4. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    I forgot (one of those days today!) to mention before plastering up channel run in some PVA to start.

    As CC says a bit of cement does wonders in the mix.

  5. ChubbyPhaseWire

    ChubbyPhaseWire New Member

    I know water and electrics is a no no but it's safe
    if you make sure the relevent circuit is isolated.


    Work thee not on energized equipment,for if thou doeth,thy mates will surely be buying lunch without thee and thy space at the table will be filled by another.
  6. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    Are ya feeling close to death Chubbs or have ya taken a dog collar?

  7. l00pd0g

    l00pd0g New Member

    I have used one coat plaster and never had a complaint.

    Where do you get the red devil stuff from RR? I might give a twirl.

  8. seylectric

    seylectric New Member

    Yep, that sounds like the kind of stuff I'm looking for, RR.

    Sometimes it's not possible to cut a neat hole, old powdery plaseter may drop away and so have to be patched up. Anybody who like me can't plaster very well will know how important it is to find something easy to use. I think the quick setting thing is important too.
  9. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    There's often some board adhesive lying around on plastering jobs - it is terrific for socket boxes, easy to mix, dries quickly and sets like iron.
  10. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    Red Devil 'One Time' - the cheapest place I have found is TLC. It is ready mixed in a tub, not cheap at some £3.50 a tub BUT (a) it 'goes a long way' and (b) you can actually paint over it with water based paints straight after filing, so they say. I wait a while for it to dry off a bit.

    Tiz wierd stuff before and after it has dried!

    Some sheds sell it - and the highest price I have ever seen for a tub was £6.95! So avoid them like the plague they can be.

  11. seylectric

    seylectric New Member

    Haha, after searching the whole of Blackpool and the surrounding area for a stockist I found some at Dulux Decorating Centre - at the bottom of my street!

    Thanks for the info.

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