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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Up4rent, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Up4rent

    Up4rent New Member

    Have been speaking to the Guys at GoldTrowel today they offer a five day course for about £500 and claim to be able to get you NVQ2 standard by the time you leave, they seem to be highly recommended in the industry and supply most of the learning material that is studied at college.

    Anyone out there any experience of this course ot any better suggestions to get into the trade with a reasonable trainer to start earning money
  2. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    I have been plastering for almost two years now. I'm 33 and I am a trained and experienced and very good chef. I was employed in the catering trade since I left college at the nieve age of 19.

    To cut a long story short I stumbbled across plastering quite by accident when I purchased my first house two years ago. For love nor money I could not get a plasterer to plaster my kitchen ceiling. I have always been a hands on kind of guy and can make a good job of most things that I turn my hand to.

    As luck would have it the restaurant that I worked in was being extended and this involved plastering. I watched the plasterer work for two weeks and picked his brains about how I should plaster my ceiling. After taking on board what he told me I trundled off home and plastered my ceiling. To my surprise I seemed to find it easy and it came natural no me. I then decided to plaste more walls and ceilings in my house, then friends and family started asking me to do work (un paid) for them.

    It was then that I decided that I enjoyed plastering and made a decision that if the oppertunity ever arose I would quit my £25.000 a year job and embark on a career as a plasterer. After a lot of phone calls and rejections from local builders and the like to see if anyone would consider training me I walked into a property that was being renevated and asked the plastere if he would train me. No was the reply, not enough time blah blah blah. (stay with me there is a point to this tale!)In the end I had to offer to labour for him for free on my days off.

    This was the best move i made. Some months after that I got a phone call from a local builder asking me if I was interested in doing a bit of plastering for him. Luckely it was my two weeks off from work. I worked two weeks solid for him and he asked me if I would consider doing all his plastering work. Well the rest is history. I never retuned to work and have been self employed plastering ever since. I have just won a 4.8 million pound contract over 5 years so Im well pleased!

    I guess what Im trying to say is practice practice and practice. Plasterers seem very un willing to train anyone so be patient and dont give up. I never went on a course but did consider the course that you mentioned. It is my opinion that a weeks course may be of help to you but there is no substitute for getting out there and doing it for yourself. Use ur phone, dont be affraid to knock on doors and ask builders for tips and advice and dont give up at the first knock back cos they will be many of them before you get anything like a half decent offer.

    Good luck.
  3. mitch2801

    mitch2801 New Member

    What an excellent post.
    I too have decided I would like to give up the office job and get out there and try my hand at plastering. I have worked as a kitchen fitter but gave it up for family reasons. I also took the Plumbskill course and I have now booked a place on the Goldtrowel course for next month. This weekend I plan on clearing out the shed and boarding up the back of it to practice plastering. Your post has given me that wee boost to realise that it can be done.

  4. Up4rent

    Up4rent New Member

    Did the plumbskill course over a year ago, doing there tiling course (Guinea Pig) to help them iron out problems next week, will let you what it's like on their forum. Anyway am booked into Goldtrowel towards end Nov, so looking forward to it.
  5. ** me.... GOOD plasterers in the U.K. must be as rare as rocking horse ***.
    Goldtrowell are throwing em out onto the unsuspecting public after a week (laughable) and pastry chefs are earning millions of pounds.... Hoskie you are a ** offence mate, and you will not for one second believe me, but after a couple of years picking it up yourself you are plodding away and fair play & good luck to you for all you achieve...but.... in five years time as sure as eggs is eggs you will look back at yourself and know that by then you are good but then you were poo, and five years on from there you will be even better again. Dont believe me???? you will.

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  6. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    Robo is spot on. Although I can and do skim the odd wall or ceiling in bathrooms / kichens that I am fitting,
    I understand that the ability to do this does not enable me to plaster a staiwell going up 35' or indeed a whole house. I am constantly learning.

    Regards paul
  7. Chocdrop4767

    Chocdrop4767 New Member


    There is no way you could earn almost a million pounds a year for the next 5 years. Sure you didn't add a few noughts on by accident? I'd be suprised if any plasterer earnt that in 5 years what ever the size of contract....

    I was going to do the goldtrowel stuff, but only because I do some tiling, so thought a basic skill of skimming the odd bad wall to improve preparation would ensure a better finish.
  8. plastererboy

    plastererboy New Member

    Been plastering for 12 years, covering all aspects and went to college to learn the trade along other trowel applied trades, after every job I still think I could hae done a better job and always try to do a better job next time, Robbo s rite, when I was younger I thought I was a gr8 plasterer but looking back I cringe at myself!! Its all a learning curve with my work, always a new challenge thrown at me every month... Robbo knows wot he s talking abt mate...
  9. You understand perfectly plasterboy....every year I think of myself as being at the very top of my game but after nearly twenty five years I still find I can do things better and learn new things as time passes, if I think like you, about some of the work and the way I worked when I was younger and less experienced its shocking, yet I thought I was the bees knees at the time.
  10. Boff

    Boff New Member

    4.8 million over 5 years - what the hell are you plastering for 5 years? You got a small army working for you?
  11. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    Robbo, Plasterboy you are both spot on. After two years of plastering I no there are many many things that I still have to learn and that I will get wrong and balls up along the way. That is the beauty of time, it gives you the abiliy to learn and look back and learn by your mistakes and correct them as you go on. Every job I do is a challenge and is something new and I try to do a better job that the last job I did. I still have so much to learn and learn I will!
    I have worked on sites and been amazed at some of the work that I have witnessed and have also been in ore of the skill of the plasterers. But aslo have witnessed some really **** work too which I would not be proud to put my name to but some get away with it and have no pride.
    As for the 4 mill contract over 5 yrs, well it is for a private housing association in leeds and bradford and their budget for the work is 4.8 mill over 5 yrs (DPC and re skims due to tennents suing them under the housing disrepair act.) I get a fixed price for each property That I visit and its estimated to take 5 yrs as to wether I will do all 5 yrs remains to be seen.
  12. worpler

    worpler New Member

    noticed new courses in Leamington and Newbury..both near me. 300-400 quid.

    Guys were doing plastering course at Croydon builders training centre when I did plumbing there - was very impressive!
  13. 4.8 Million over 5 yrs for plastering is £20,000 a week on plastering alone.

    Damn that's a lot of walls and ceilings.
  14. nearnwales

    nearnwales Member

    if you go on these **** 5 day course your just throwing your money away don't do it if your that interested go and work for a plasterer you'll learn more in 1 day then you will on that course. And you think your good after just 2 years come and work for my old man you wont last the day mate
  15. Boxer Red

    Boxer Red New Member

    My father-in-law's been plastering for 40 yrs, he's 68. I'm 34, been plastering for 6 years. Half his age but he can skim half as much again as I can and there's never a situation he can't manage. I'm learning every day. Looking back, I thought I was good, I now know I'm better, but I also know that if I'm still around when I'm 68, I should question why the hell am I still plastering!
  16. drill driver

    drill driver New Member

    Everything written above is true.A course can set you on your way but you`ll only get better with time and experience.
  17. markell

    markell New Member

    Hi Hoskie,

    As you stated in a previous message, you have secured a contract in Leeds and Bradford and that people should never give up on asking advice etc etc. I live in Leeds and completed a week long plastering course in July this year. I enquire whether you would be willing to give me the same break that you had a couple of years ago and employ me to assist in plastering within your company, therefore helping me gain the knowledge and experience that you have gained ?

    RUNRUNAWAY New Member

  19. A.J.T

    A.J.T New Member

    Don't bother wasting your time and money on these sh*tty short plastering courses.

    What do you honestly think your going to do with your 5 days of experience?

    There is not a firm in the country that would take you on and you certainly wouldn't be fit to be let loose in customers homes.

    I'm a time served plasterer and can honestly say thant in my my first 5 days of plastering i had just about managed to learn the art of keeping the plaster on the hawk!

    Your best bet is to give a few local plasterers a call and see if you could labour on them free of charge on the basis they showed you how to go on.

    You never know someone might just give you a chance, i have just taken a 17 year old lad on and its the best move i ever made.
  20. plastererboy

    plastererboy New Member

    Hi, Been plastering for a living for 12 years, but when i was a teenager abt 13 my old man who s also a plasterer told me to come with him on jobs during my school holidays to keep me out of trouble and obviously to use me as a free labourer! So started to learn the trade at that age, it grew from there so by the time I was 16, I got a job working for 2 plasterers working on sites while goijng to college to learn the trowel applied trades and 4 years ago I became a self employed plasterer, never short of work and got a waiting list that ppl have to book me 6months in advance! Some get fed up with waiting but now I have my baby brother and also a labourer working for me which definitely eased the workload!! We need more skilled plasterers in the building industry so anyone out there who s a skilled plasterer, give a kid a chance and get him to go to college as well to learn the plastering trade and you wont regret it! More work and bring home more money!!

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