Plastering over Artex

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by softinmiddle, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. softinmiddle

    softinmiddle New Member

    Can i use board plaster to skim over a farly smooth Artex pattern or is better to use a differant type. the Artex is in good condition. Also what ratio of PVA shall i use.Many thanks
  2. the carpenter

    the carpenter New Member

    any p.v.a mate i would p.v.a. it then a thin coat of bonding when that drys a coat of p.v.a again then a coat of finish om top. the p.v.a stops your plaster going of on you to quick
  3. softinmiddle

    softinmiddle New Member

    thanks for that but is board plaster ok to use or is it just forplaster board
  4. peachey bob

    peachey bob New Member

    hi there , being a plasterer for 14 years heres what i do .scrape high spots off artex , 2 coats p.v.a , 2:1 ratio, using multi ~ finish minimum 2coats or add. coats until artex covered . good luck!!!!!!!
  5. total amateur

    total amateur New Member

    I'm bringing up this old topic with a question that is probably daft - but here goes.

    My plasterer did precisely what you've suggested on several lathe and plaster ceiling that had been artexed. They are now perfectly smooth. However - what about the weight of the new skim coat? In some rooms he had to skim to a thick depth to cover chunky artex. I csn't help thinking thal all that weight is now held up only by 100 years old original lathe and plaster.

    Would it have been better to plasterboard the ceiling and then skim it?

    Realitically, what are the chances of gravity taking a chunk of plaster down and onto my head as I sleep?
  6. > Would it have been better to plasterboard the ceiling
    and then skim it?

    why didn't you question the plasterer at the time?..bit late now old man
  7. total amateur

    total amateur New Member

    The answer to your question is in my user name. I really am what I say I am.

    But - I did suggest plasterboarding beforehand and was told it was not necessary. I suppose what I'm after is a second opinion - even if it is a bit late.
  8. devils advocate

    devils advocate New Member

    Hi t a.

    If the original plaster is in good order, and well attached to the lath, you should be ok.

    Yes, plaster is surprisingly heavy (just pick up a bag of the stuff...), but don't forget it is spread over a large area - so the weight on any individual bit is pretty small!

    Obviously, removing all the old stuff, plaster-boarding and skimming is the ultimate job, but just imagine the mess (and the extra cost...)

    Relax, and stop looking at the ceiling.

    (If it comes down, you'll know all about it :()
  9. Swiss Tony

    Swiss Tony New Member

    Spice up your life and let your wife look at the ceiling for a change.
  10. float n set

    float n set New Member

    Ive found sometimes when you pva over artex the water from the pva can cause the aresx to drop off. i agree with the fellow that said to bond them out first then skim them theres nothing like getting a wet spot that drops on you that you gotta then fill in. bond em out first would be my advice bit more work but charge for it.
  11. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    don't scrape the artex till you have had it sampled for asbestos bud.
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  12. MichaelTod

    MichaelTod New Member

    Paint over artex with liquid called thistle bond-it, leave for 24 hours and then skim. 5 litres approx £43 plus vat but marvellous stuff.Regards MichaelTod
  13. Scim1

    Scim1 New Member

    Your plasterer was correct .If the plaster is still there then you did not need a reboard .
  14. Scim1

    Scim1 New Member

    You can use board finnish to skim artex , its just not what it was designed for , i have used this on artex before and the results are good.
  15. happy jambo

    happy jambo New Member

    i think best thing 2 do is scrape off high points then roll on thistle bond it or knaufbetokontakt leave over night and plaster using thistle multi-finish job doneeeeeeee
  16. northwhite

    northwhite New Member

    It depends on what type of finish your Artex it is. If a low profile you can get away with a double skim of finish plaster. If a high profile or a chunky profile then a coat of bonding plaster, then a coat of finish plaster.If unsure use bonding coat plaster then finish coat plaster as you will get it all covered, however bonding takes longer to dry thats all. A tip I have found though is not to pva the Artex before applying the bonding coat and will speed up drying time.
  17. drill driver

    drill driver New Member

    What if the artex is painted.Surely you would need to pva then as plaster needs a key.
  18. Plasterer34

    Plasterer34 New Member

    Artex contained asbestos right up till around 1998. You are pretty safe scraping it but make sure you are wearing a mask. Do not ever sand it. I always give my customers the option when it comes to plastering over artex. I prefer over boarding as it's the only way of guaranteeing your work in my opinion
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  19. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Lets hope he's not died in the intervening 8 years ;);)
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  20. Welshdragon1

    Welshdragon1 Active Member

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