Plastering spot board stand?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by scatter, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. scatter

    scatter New Member


    I'm having trouble finding a suitable stand to support a spot board for plastering.

    I'm looking for something similar to a (folding) metal stand (4 legs?) which you can then place a board on top. Not too sure what the common name is for one, but i've heard it called a ligger stand in the past.

    Can't find one anywhere on the net :(

    Anyone have any ideas??

  2. RH

    RH New Member

    What about a couple of fold-away sawhorses?
  3. scatter

    scatter New Member

    Yeah, i had thought of using those as the next best thing. Not the best option though.

    Still searching for the proper tool, if i knew what the common name for it was then i might have a better chance of getting one at a builders merchants, etc.
  4. eyetry

    eyetry New Member

  5. Mof

    Mof Guest

    Just do what we have been doing for years,all you need are 4 legs (2*2?)with some battens nailed on the sides for bracing,you can knock one up in 4 mins.
  6. scatter

    scatter New Member

    eyetry, you genius! that's it. I actually spotted a similar stand on DIY SOS last night. Better cancel that email to Nick Knowles!

    I thought about knocking up a wooden stand, but it wouldn't be the easiest to transport.

  7. eyetry

    eyetry New Member

    You're welcome scatter.
  8. Steveleeds23

    Steveleeds23 New Member

    Try Refina. they cosy about £30 and can deliver next day! (I think).They also have different heights of stands
  9. scatter

    scatter New Member

    I emailed the artex people last week - no reply.

    Phoned up refina today - stand is coming tomorrow! Cheers Steve!
  10. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    bit of plywood, then nick sparkeys wallet 2 put ply on , hey presto! job done
  11. Wattsy

    Wattsy New Member

    I use a piece of ply 3 foot by 3 foot.I`ve screwed 3 2 by 2 battens onto the board, one on each side and one in the middle.I then clamp the middle one in a workmate vice and bobs your uncle.The battens also keep the spot up off the floor and make it easy to carry when your done.
  12. Windy Miller

    Windy Miller New Member

  13. toptrowel

    toptrowel New Member


    You should of persisted with Artex Rawlplug! - ( you could of enquired and ordered over the phone) !!

    I have used both Refina and Artex Rawlplug's Spot board/mortar stands, and Artex's are more solid and substantial.
    Their model also has an upright locating bar that locks the stand quickly at 90 degrees, - a simple thing, but stops the legs closing giving the board less support - increasing the risk of the board falling off.

    They only have one height size though, but unless you use stilts, no bother !

    Happy Plastering ...
  14. drill driver

    drill driver New Member

    I use a workmate as a platform.I screwed three battens(one in middle and one on each side) to a spot(formica topped).I use the middle batten to clamp in the workmate vice.the outer edge battens come in handy to carry the spot around.
  15. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    Two steel tresles with a bit of formica board on top.
  16. Jdrean

    Jdrean New Member

    The keyword is plastering stand

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