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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Charlie21, May 20, 2005.

  1. scorchwork

    scorchwork New Member

    to save any more battles of truths can someone email me HOW 2 PLASTER A SECOND COAT FOR DUMMYS, you know like ABC 123 l i k e w h e n y o u s p e e k s l o w l y for **tards { }
  2. andyplast

    andyplast New Member

    I thing overall there have been some good and bad tips! and a hell of a lot of male bravado! the biggest tip i can give is haveing the balls to tackle a big hit, you wont do it at first, it will take years, i have only been out of colege on my own for two but my speed has quadroupled (sp) watch the old boys and you will learn a hell of a lot, even if you have a lad mixing mix up yourself once a day, its amazing how much better the stuff will go on! I have seen some site workers knock off 200sqm a day between a spread and a labourer, its amazing. Start with quality then focus on the quantity! then the money will creep up too.
  3. layiton

    layiton New Member

    Come on andy, 200M2 a day! You either can't measure up properly or your telling porkies. Jesus! that means they are quicker than sooperman! 20 bags of powder,no,sorry!
  4. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    good point from a chipie.always plaster to floor so the joiner has a nice flat wall to fix to.
  5. scorchwork

    scorchwork New Member

    yeh 'yeh i done some work in the country the other day ,land of the OOAAR 'youknow ,didnt do anything in the morning .went to a local boozer at lunch, where there was these young kids with strange looking eyes wearing hoods,i thought they must be trainee monks or somefing,got talking to them over a pint where they told me all about the stars and being high upthere,'poor little devoted suckers,got to respect em though ay ?! i went for a slash and when i came back my pint was all pink and frothy and tasted really strange and made my teeth tingle,then all in a moment i sudenly understood what the little monks was going on about like i found that enlightenment stuff 'youknow ,by then it was about 2 o'clock,so time to go back to work and do a bit,i said goodbye to my new freinds and skipped out the pub,and then the most amazing thing happend ,it must have been cos i was a new found member of the cloth BUT from 2:15 to 6:30 that same evening i did 501 METERS !! YES ! 3 rooms,all the walls and the ceilings (but lads , dont join the cloth cos as much as they help you they make you feel like s h i t for days after
  6. andyplast

    andyplast New Member

    200sqm is achievable, The point in question was the romford primark of all places - and the topshop in manchester! - lad1 filling the machine lad2 spraying and lad1 flattening down, and so on. I also believe those figurse were achieved in germany when we were building their hospitals in the 80's, however i was only a wee nipper then! - If you have a great big commercial site its much easier than 5 small rooms.

  7. nudger

    nudger New Member

    Charlie . How much did you pay for the course. No disrespect but you seem to asking a lot of basic questions which should of been covered on your course.
  8. scorchwork

    scorchwork New Member

    eer ! who 'wh'wh'wh'who you calling a charley ,an'an'and what course ?!!
  9. 333

    333 New Member

    160 m2 in a day .ma back would be killing me
  10. rikki

    rikki Member

    dont flick water everwhere try using a hand held spray bottle in your left hand put water just were you want it for big walls use a pump up weed spraying bottle
  11. Give up plastering and join a monastic retreaet in Tibet.
    Or sign on, get a bedsit and live on Monster munch and batter bits from the chippy.
  12. happy jambo

    happy jambo New Member

    sorry m8 but u aint gonna learn plastering in a couple of courses understand its a skilled job with a minimum 4 year apprenticship u havin a laugh a course no chance kind regards a (qualified) plasterer
  13. fartsniffer

    fartsniffer New Member

    couldn't agree more.ive been doing this job for 30 years and also done a 4 year apprenticeship,i love these diy people,they create work through all there botching ,and 2 all u people that think 160 mtrs is lot 4 1 day me and my son do that amount in our sleep and produce work o the highest standard
  14. jamino92

    jamino92 New Member

    I'm new to this too, plumber at heart. I'v been on job with loads of different plasterers and none of them have dry trowelled, when i started to learn I tried dry trowelling and never seen the point in it, before dry trowelling the wall would looks spot on and always thought why the hell are you supposed to go over it dry because when you dry trowel you end up with little ripples in the plaster. i'v always been told, 1st coat lay on, leave dry alittle, get the thick lines out, 2nd coat lay on straight after, leave to dry a while, wet trowel using the fat to fill in any hollows you may have (shouldnt have many really) leave dry out alittle more then trowel over agian with alittle water & tidy up edges. job done.
    so there seems to be no need for dry trowelling its only ever made my work worse!
  15. GeorgeBates

    GeorgeBates New Member

    LIke a lot of people on this thread have commented, Plastering it's something that takes years of experience and studying. However, here's a great little article that can help you out with a few of the basic questions you may come across: 50 Plastering Tips to Help New Plasterers.

    Hope this helps!

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