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    So I ordered a sample of xps polystyrene coving from a supplier and honestly not impressed even though its described as hardened.

    Yes it's tough but still dents when pressed hard, see dent in bottom left corner of pic and also chips when you run something sharp on edges or even with fingernails (see pic). Honestly reminds me of a cheap plastic tea/coffee cup from a vending machine.

    Now when we had our kitchen extension done the builders fitted plastic coving but it was much harder and durable yet lightweight and a breeze to cut and fit (think plastic downpipe or pvc window frame like plastic).

    This coving was from selco

    This is also described as extruded polystyrene so now I'm confused because it was much harder plastic or would it be polyurethane?

    There is also duropolymer...or is this the same stuff...

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