Plastic into cast soil and waste leaking

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Keith Engledow, May 15, 2019.

  1. Keith Engledow

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    5D66AF87-8613-4782-9898-BD94482F5CAA.jpeg All

    To cut a long story short bodge it and scarper have worked or previous owners terrible diy skills . The soil and waste has been leaking for god knows how long and have ripped a internal wall down to find leak. It is where the plastic goes into the cast. Looking for some advice on how to repair
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  3. Keith Engledow

    Keith Engledow New Member

    5CC1D9DF-8950-41F1-8EE2-8502ECE7F688.jpeg Thanks any tips for this as well I always thought females in top leak !
  4. dobbie

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  5. KIAB

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    Better photo.:)

    Darn naff building pipe into wall, but it was done a lot years ago.

    A DC1 should fit straight into the cast iron pipe where white plastic pipe is,the best plan would be replace the lot with plastic.
  6. Keith Engledow

    Keith Engledow New Member

    Ha ha hacked a lot more of the wall off, all plastic to which point or ll the way to the ground
  7. Dave Marques

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    If they've tried to connect a BSP adapter into that, my guess is the thread is chewed. When they dip CI, it leaves a residue in the thread. Not a prob metal to metal but it kills plastic. You need to re-tap the thread to clear out the dip before screwing in the plastic.

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