plastic pipes in loft, rodents

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by lady_new_2_diy, Oct 5, 2017.

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    [QUOTE="lady_new_2_diy, post:
    i was gonna post in the plumbers forum, am i in the wrong forum? I don't mind so long as people here dont mind me asking the plumbers.[/QUOTE]
    All ends up on this part of the forum anyway so wouldn't worry.
  2. aww i put a post in plumbers forum, thought about it and plumbers more likely to discover leaks than engineers, cos engineers busy fittting systems while plumbers repairing pipies.
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    Your plastic bags, if they are carrier bags will disintegrate over time, yes it looks like a rodents nest but unless you have droppings around the area, it will not be rodents. If you get rats you will small the rat urine and see the droppings as they are quite big 3mm long. You could take precautions and lay rat bait poison, but that might attract them.
  4. jonathanc

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    if you are worried, regularly put poison down over winter - probably costs you £20 per year - you'll never eliminate them but it certainly keeps them down
  5. Bob Rathbone

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    The cost of this project is spiralling out of hand, you are not sure if you have, or have ever had rats in the loft and you have not reported a leak caused by rodent attack. I suggest that the money is saved at the moment, unless you feel the need to change the boiler for a more efficient one, get insurance and put down rat poison in the loft, and most importantly STOP WORRYING!
    I built my house in the Shropshire countryside, we have rats in the fields around us, our plumbing is all plastic. The rats have never entered the house and eaten through the pipes. We had rats in an unattached outbuilding, they did not eat the plumbing or the wiring. No rats anymore, poison over a 2 month period killed them off.

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