Plastic sheeting holding up insulation in loft

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Michael Bishop, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Michael Bishop

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    I've just had a tradesman around to do some work in our loft and he pointed out that we have plastic sheeting tacked between the rafters in the roof which is holding in the insulation, and that this isn't great because it is prone to condensation forming on the inside which would, in turn, lead to wood worm and rot of the timbers and could ultimately lead us to needing a new roof.

    Though there was no noticeable moisture at present, his suggestion was to replace the plastic sheeting with a net material instead. He also observed that some of the plastic sheeting had slits cut into it, presumably to prevent the above happening.

    I just wondered whether there was any truth in this, and what my best course of action would be?
  2. Tilt

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    So, do you use the loft for anything???

    Or what do you use it for. Do you require it insulated for any reason??? The floor usually has the insulation if it is just used for storage.

    Net material sounds sensible solution.
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    Take a look at the skillbulder videos on YouTube covering warm roof vs cold roof and also the videos skillbulder made on condensation. You will have a better understanding. I still refer to them as so many variations.

    As for your roof.
    As I see it with vents either end or vents in soffits you will get through air and no condensation but is the insulation doing anything if that's the case?

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