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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by timmypoppet, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. timmypoppet

    timmypoppet New Member

    I won't go into too much detail but gave a customer a written estimate for £822.When i arrived to start the work she asked me to do extra work which i agreed to and explained that this would be charged as extra work as my estimate luckily was well laid out with what i was doing for the £822.She was awkward throughout the job and i could have guessed where it was going. When i finished the work i wrote my bill while it was fresh in my mind and stated that the price for the kitchen was as estimate £822 I then listed exactly what extra work i did which took me 21 hours to do and charged my hourly rate (£17 no vat) £357. I then listed my materials that i used for the work which came to £48. I took the bill round next evening and her whole attitude had changed and as i guessed complained about the extra work.
    She said she would sort me a cheque out and that was the last i heard. I left it a month and sent her another invoice stating that it was overdue and to please pay. Again nothing. i called round loads and left a message on her phone but again nothing , but the other night i went round and saw her standing outside so i pulled up and caught her by suprise as i was in the car not the van.
    This was now 7 weeks after first invoice. She started saying that basically the job was **** etc. so i kept it very nice and said that all i wanted was her to be happy and me paid and that i would sort out any snags as long as she paid me that day.
    She said she would think about it,so i just came home and wrote a letter to her stating that i would sort her snags out and as it had already gone on for 7 weeks and she had not even contacted me i just stated that i wanted to do the work and be paid for it by 8/12 as this was more than a reasonable amount of time and if not i would have to pursue my losses through small claims.
    Got a letter off her today which is really a pack of lies, saying she wasnt given a written estimate it was verbal and that all the extra work i did apart from hanging three doors was included in the estimate and lots of other rubbish.
    until today i thought i had a pretty cut and dry case as my extra labour and materials were honest costs but after reading this letter i feel that if it does go to court it will be like playground tittle tattle, my word against hers and to me that seems unfair.
    I know i am going to have to seak legal advice but this is the first time this has happened to me, and i'll be honest it has really shook me up, it just keeps going through your mind all the time.
    If anyone has managed to stay with me till now thanks and would look forward to any comments.
  2. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    Hi Write to her recorded delivery asking her to detail (keep the receipt from the post office} the problems she has with the work for the £822 . Go to the small claims court ,pick up the forms for the £357 fill them in ,DON'T LODGE THEM IN COURT, send her a copy (recorded delivery) telling her you have given her an estimate for the previous work & as this work is extra , you require the £357 within 7 days or you will be forced to lodge the papers in court. If she doesen't come across , then lodge the papers . The court will normally take the attitude that some c* must have fitted the doors etc. and if she's a f**** muppet she might not show anyhow . It will make it easier going for the £822 later
  3. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    If you diden't get any joy with the threat of court action , you would have to credit check the c* just in case she is a professional non payer , (there are many about these days ) cost about a tenner , more traders should do it . After all Comet woulden't give you a transistor radio without checking the in's and out's of the cats ar*ehole . I DO IT
  4. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    For goodness sake, this woman obviously doesn't plan to pay you unless she is forced to. If you have any way of doing that, ie court action, then start taking that action without further delay.
    All the detail about who said this, who did that is basically detail and pretty boring. She's had the work and now it's time to pay and she thinks that maybe she can get away without paying and you must make sure that that doesn't happen. Do whatever it takes to get your money
  5. JOCK 2004

    JOCK 2004 New Member

    If all else fails put an note throw her and her neighbours doors telling her neighbours that she doesn't pay her debts. Other option write to her saying you want access to remove your work. Get some "handy guys" to put the pressure on "big time
  6. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    Jock . Problem there is,her "handy Guys" might be twice as ugly as timmy's "handy guys
  7. changename-19911

    changename-19911 New Member

  8. grunt

    grunt New Member

    it happens and its not nice , but i once had the misfortunate of dealing with people who were so twisted they argued the toss with the chinese take away , saying they said 30 minutes , and they turned up at 40 minutes , they got a 50% reduction , heres what i do , until paid in full all material belongs to me , in the event you don't want to pay , you don't have to , im quite happy to take everything i supplied back out /don't elaborate , depending how nasty they are their own imagination will do the rest / always been paid
  9. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    I have used this Government run service to claim against Crystal Ski holidays when they charged us £80 for carriage of skis at the airport,without telling us when we booked it.

    It can all be done online and it cost me £30 but you get costs on top of your claim.

    The defendant gets a summons from the county court and they have 28 days to file a defense.if they don't,you are awarded your claim with costs.

    In my case,Crystal Ski passed it to their solicitors,who decided that it was not worth their while in defending the case and sent a cheque for £80 + £ 30 costs.

    Try it,it is quite simple and you can do it all from the comfort of your chair.

    A definate thumbs up from me.
  10. I've been here for a much larger sum and I couldn't afford to take it all the way.

    The small claims route is very effective.

    Beware what Grunt says, while you will still own the goods you have no right of entry to get them back, it takes a court order to gain entry.

    Whatever you do chase these people and get your money.

    Good luck
  11. timmypoppet

    timmypoppet New Member

    Thanks for your replies.Trying to look at it in a more positive way today after another bad night.Some people must just get off on doing it to us tradesmen,as everyone you speak to has had it at sometime and after listening to some stories my £1127 is compared to some very small.
    A pack arrived today from C.A.B and a solicitors no. who will give me 30 mins free advice. But i will be taking it all the way purely on principle,let you know how it goes.
    By the way multi-trade they aren't, not by a long way,wink,wink.
  12. jolly bodger

    jolly bodger New Member

    Horrible situation and I hope you end up with a good result...

    Friend of mine was in a similar position, but it was all "on-the-spot" word of mouth estimates, so no point bothering with the Small Claims Court.

    However, the t055pot punters had a large lawn infront of their house which fronted onto a main road into town.

    Guess they must've annoyed a few people but somebody used a powerful "kill-everything" weedkiller and carefully poured out "MY WIFE IS A WH0RE" over a 20ft x 20ft area before leaving it for the rain to get to.

    Shame really, the whole area needed re-turfing and never looked the same afterwards...
  13. mskelec

    mskelec New Member

    I'd instruct a debt collection agency to act on your behalf. Cost would be around £100, but that is all claimable expenses when it comes to tax return time. Most people **** it when they see that.

    In future, issue a quote which they have to sign! Mine stipulates a 14 day payment period, after which I charge 10% per month, or part thereof. Everybody pays on time these days pretty much. My quote outlines specifically all the work I have agreed to do, along with other T&Cs such as not making good, any other work excluded etc etc.
  14. timmypoppet

    timmypoppet New Member

    Thanks, good advice i was just saying to the mrs that this is the route i will have to go down in future.
    On a seperate note i spoke to a solicitor today who basically said to try to make a deal with her even if it ment knocking off the extra work shes saying was included in the fictitios verbal estimate,as if i sue her then chances are she will counter sue me then there will have to be an indipendant inspection done which will cost a few hundred and if anything is found wrong which she will make sure of she can get that work done by someone else and claim off me + cost of inspection.
  15. kjckitch

    kjckitch New Member

    Unfortunately the law is an ***. I've got a **** owes me 5k. The courts landed in his favour saying he could pay £100 per month!!!! He's an accountant!!

    He defaulted on the first payment and did a runner from his address.

    If someone doesn't want to pay you they wont!!
  16. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member


    Click on my link in a previous post.You can fill a claim online right now and she will get a serious County Court Summons sent to her.It is quite intimdating and I bet she pays up rather than go and appear at the court.

    She has 28 days to file a defense or she will lose the case.

    Don't bother with solicitors,most of them will take hundreds in costs.

    Trust me,try it,it works!
  17. HandyLee

    HandyLee New Member

    I have got three big dogs you can borrow if you like! Always works for me!
  18. splinter2

    splinter2 New Member

    Sell the the debt to mr 25% the debt collector man

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