Please help me wire my light, im a muppet

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    Made a schoolboy error and disconnected a load of wires without noting where they went. I need to wire the below as shown in the pic:

    The box on the right is a 2 way switch. The right hand switch works fine and controls an outside
    light. The left hand switch controls the ceiling light and doesn't work.

    The left hand box used to have a switch that controlled a ceiling fan which is now removed. Any one know how to wire the left hand box so that the ceiling light switch will work again?? I will nominate you for electrician of the year if you can!



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  2. Alan sherriff

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    Looks like the black wire is a neutral as it looks like it comes from a connector in the right switch ,a slight pull should confirm it was poor ally used for the fan neutral. So did you take a connector of the back wire to the the other black wire in the right hand switch, if that was the case I would join the two black wires in the right switch . Then connect one of the multicore core cable three colours to the red wire of the two core with the black and if no joy try the other colours in turn
    Best of luck
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  3. marc1977

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    thanks got it working in the end. black to yellow and black to blue..
  4. DIYDave.

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    And some sleeving on those bare CPCs (earths)

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