Please help, old holes on wall still visible after painting

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  1. Hello all,

    I've just had my property painted with multiple coats of paint including undercoat. The previous holes were filled in and sanded, but now I can still see some of them through. Here are just 2 examples. Is this normal or can anything be done to fix them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Let’s try and ignore the idiots tonight shall we ........ :mad:

    The reason you can still see the holes after painting is simply down to inadequate prep - plain and simple

    When you fill the holes, sand them down flush with the walls, using couple grades of paper at least

    P60 (gently) if large excess off filler that needs removing, then 120 then 180

    Large holes (which these look) may need filling twice due to the filler shrinking back slightly. Some fillers shrink more than others

    When sanding, the repair needs to be blended perfectly into the surrounding wall surface. You can see in first picture that this isn’t the case - there’s lumps and bumps everywhere, sorry but a really poor attempt at a repair

    Some people seem to think that by lashing on plenty of paint, this will perform a miracle and somehow make the wall look great whilst skimping on the prep - sorry, it ain’t gonna happen

    Emulsion may temporarily improve the look of the wall but by lashing on a thick heavy coat, it dries with a heavy texture like orange peel (again 1st picture) and by drying, the water content evaporates, the paint shrinks back slightly and all the imperfections rear their ugly heads once again

    Paint, be it for walls or woodwork, doesn’t cover up any defects, in fact the opposit - it highlights them. Matt paint helps a little as it reflects less light, gloss/silk, will show up more defects

    There is no shortcut to thorough prep, if you want a good end result

    So after filling and sanding, close your eyes and run ur fingers over the repair area - you shouldn’t feel any difference between old and new. Any lumps, bumps, ridges, then back to sanding, filler, sanding, then without looking, give the wall a stroke

    Once repairs are perfectly blended in, then mist coat filler patches (thinned out Matt emulsion, non vinyl)

    Then your ready for 2 top coats of emuslion

    When you say you’ve ‘had your property painted’, is this by a pro decorator ?

    And what do you mean by multiple coats of paint and Undercoat ?

    Are you talking walls here ?
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    Poor preparation, no matter how many coats of paint are applied over the poorly prepared surface it will not hide it, the paint finish is only as good as what's underneath it. :(
  4. Hello,

    Thanks. Yes a he's a pro decorator.

    Yes plasterboard walls.

    Undercoat + multiple coats of paint.

    Hmmm this isn't good. So what's the solution now? sand and fill and re-paint? will it look out of place with the rest of the wall?

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