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  1. Mr Rusty

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    Hi All. I am going to use Philips Hue play light units above and below some kitchen cabinets. Cabs already wired by my sparks ready for cabinet lights from one of the lightswitches in the room. The easiest way to power the hue units is to use the supply provided for the cab lights (yes I know the light switch will need to be left on most of the time for hue). Question is how to best connect the Hue plug-in PSU (which comes with Euro 2-pin and UK 3-pin adapter plate and is driving 2 x 8W LEDs so very tiny output)

    The simplest way would seem to be to wire a standard 13A socket outlet on to the cabinet lighting cable on top of the cabinet where it is currently coiled up. Obviously not ideal to put socket on to a lighting circuit.

    Thoughts? suggestions?
  2. KIAB

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    Not a fan of using light circuit, but seen it done for tv amplifer in loft, also seen a FCU to provide overcurrent protection, as there is no fuse in a Schuko plug & a 1 Gang 2 Pin 16A Shuttered Euro Socket (BG Nexus 897) which would solve problem of any 3 pin plug being plug in.
    You would also need Residual Current Device (RCD) on lighting circuit.

    I would rather spur off a socket?
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  3. Mr Rusty

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    Agreed - Except it is the light circuit specifically provided for cab lights being used for cab lights! It would have been better if philips provided an in-line PSU rather than plug-in!! - could then have just used a JB...Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. KIAB

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    So still a radial,I'm too rusty on current regs, could you not cut off Schuko plug & wire it into MK 995WHI fused at 2amp square clock connector or even cheaper a FCU with 2A fuse on cab light circuit?
  5. Mr Rusty

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    Brand new installation - it does have.

    It isn't a schuko plug - its one of those wall warts with the swappable baseplate for 2 pins or UK 3

    I suspect that as the socket will be on top of the cabinet, and it's only us, I'll prob just wire a 13A socket out of my bits box, and be done with it, and take it off if we ever move again- (we won't be!!!) I'm sure our cleaner, housemaid, footman or butler will never even know the socket is there so little risk they'll plug anything in to it :p:p:p
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  6. dobbie

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    Just fit a 13 amp single socket on top of the cabinet to take the psu socket adapter and mark it lights only.
    The circuit is protected by a 6 amp breaker, there is no need for all the things kiab is saying and then changes again.
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  7. Mr Rusty

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    It is. Y. I'll do that. Seems sensible. I started the thread to see how others had solved what seems to be a common issue with Hue lamps and lightstrips, which, as they are lights, peeps often want to run from lighting circuits!
  8. Mike58

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    You are not the first and won't be the last ...

    With intelligent homes and controllable lighting 2A and 5A sockets are coming back into use to allow lamps and such to be plugged in to syetems - except that they all have Wall-Warts with 13A plugs! I personally have numerous short extensions with 13A sockets and 5A plugs to allow lights to be controlled (and the sockets are fused at 1 or 3A).
  9. MGW

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    Buy an extension lead [​IMG] cut off plug and wire it into a fused connection unit (FCU) I would buy the euro c type inline sockets while on holiday for this job, buy getting them in UK is hard.
  10. Bazza

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    BS7671 actually includes a BS1363 As one of the things that can be attached to a lighting circuit.
    Nobody’s going to get a step ladder out and plug a MIG welder into your socket. (KIAB might, though…)
  11. Mr Rusty

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