Plumbers merchants job ?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Gazowl1975, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Gazowl1975

    Gazowl1975 Member

    What kind of pay do the lads on counters of merchants get?
  2. jonathanc

    jonathanc Well-Known Member

    My guess is national living wage or close to
  3. Baxi Boy

    Baxi Boy Active Member

    As with most retail jobs,I imagine it would be low paid,never asked of course,but would expect under £10 hour!
  4. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    For a retail job your better looking at vacancies at Aldi - they’ve got a big expansion programme under way with new stores opening

    Yes they work you hard but for the right staff, good job prospects and training opportunities leading to more senior positions

    Industry leaders in regards to pay, even for the humble but much needed shelf stackers (my son, part time :))
  5. jimoz

    jimoz Active Member

    They're pretty knowledgeable if u get the right one
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  6. Gazowl1975

    Gazowl1975 Member

    Havee you got a link please mate?
  7. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    They get paid good money if knowledgable
  8. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

  9. heatyman

    heatyman Well-Known Member

    All money is good, but the average trade counter assistant does not get much of it. I would think most are on a little above minimum wage if working for one of the big chains. Independents probably pay more as the owners are more likely to recognise the value of a knowledgeable individual, but Margins for such outlets are probably tighter than the big chains.
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