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    Getting an extension built as well as some alterations to the layout of our house. Been quoted £6k incl VAT for the plumbing and heating aspects of the work (see below for details). Just want a finger the air idea if it's reasonable or if we're not getting ripped off. I've been in touch with a few other plumbers to try and get some more quotes but it seems to be difficult to get any work quoted for at the moment (been trying for months to get an issue with our roof sorted). I'm based near Barnsley btw.

    We are having an extension built and knocking through into the existing lounge. We are then installing a new kitchen in what is currently the lounge and converting the current kitchen into a lounge/play room. It will involve moving the gas supply to the utility room. Supply and fit Ideal combi boiler in utility room. Remove old boiler and hot water tank. First fix and second fix plumbing for new kitchen. First fix and second fix radiators for new kitchen and extension (remove 2 old radiators, add 2 new ones). Remove plumbing for old kitchen. Move radiator in hallway.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Very had to say without seeing.
    But would think 3-3.5k for boiler and moving it.
    Seems reasonable as it’s 5k plus vat.

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