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    Hello (sorry wasn't sure if this or the Kitchen Fitters forum was the right one to post in)

    I am considering getting an American style fridge freezer with plumbed in ice making facility- however, my current fridge is sited in a sort of lean to/conservatory type room next to the kitchen - hope that makes sense as this is the only space available.

    I'm wondering if it is possible to route the water pipe that far away - the kitchen is about 10ft x 8ft

    I've attached a picture to hopefully explain what I mean !! Can you let me know if you think it is possible / difficult / impossible without loads of hassle etc :)

  2. BoiledEggs

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    You can buy pipe to extend it.

    Though they normally come with a few metres.

    If you have a route for it I don't see why not.
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    If you think about it, your water supply probably enters the house from the front aspect of the building, then via a network of pipes, be they copper or plastic, then to all rooms of the house - be it heating or taps, showers, baths, etc

    So, water supply to this fridge can be literally run anywhere it’s needed. Mains cold supply so it’s pressurised so will have the momentum to get to where it’s needed

    How the pipe gets from A-B, may be the only tricky part

    Depends what’s in-between said A-B and if you want pipework hidden or it can be on show

    Usually terminated with a washing machine type stop tap so you can isolate water supply when your changing the filter

    Are you looking at doing this job yourself or calling in a plumber ?

    If the latter, discuss pipe runs with him/her so you have no suprises after the job

    Pipes can usually be hidden but may mean lifting floors, chopping out walls, etc

    That’s all fine but will clearly add to the cost of the job and level of ‘destruction’ required and subsequent making good

    But yes, sure seems more than possible :)

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