Plumbing injuries

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by G Brown, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Bad backs, bad knees, burnt fingers?

    Not me.

    I just get my arms and hands scratched to pieces...which don't half sting when you get flux in the cuts!
  2. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    what about chisel rash ?
  3. ripitout

    ripitout New Member

    my back and knees are fine.

    however, dare i mention smashed front tooth.....angle grinder disc exploded),chopped off half my thumb...... (skilsaw kicked back).

    oh, and not forgetting a chip of ceramic tile in my eyeball, the hospital had to pick it out with a needle!

    just call me lucky!
  4. Bonedry

    Bonedry New Member

    Innocent looking cut taking out a sink grating, next day I'm in hospital getting a tetnus for a swollen thumb full of poisen.

    Years later it still goes numb when its cold.
  5. sussexplumb1

    sussexplumb1 New Member

    Loft Ladder Broke fell out of loft, screw sticking out of beam into wrist and finally knelt down and forgot radiator bracket on wall and cut head. These are the ones I,ve ended up in Casualty for!!

    RASP-GRASP New Member

    We have all done it!I was, called to service a house warmer , gas fire /boiler, the property been vandalized, glass all over, but needed the house habitable, for some homeless people, so put dust sheet down for protection, started stripping gas fire /boiler down, moved over to get spare part on my knee, , got a 2" piece of glass in knee cap.
  7. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Frisky female customer. Carpet burns. :) LMFAO
  8. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Frisky man customer. Three months in the Bar-L & a £200 fine!!
    Frisky female customer. Crabs!!
    Frisky K9. Stain on trouser leg!!
  9. GKU

    GKU New Member

    "Years later it still goes numb when its cold".

    :^O :^O :^O - thats old age creeping up on ya :^O
  10. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    I've had a few. During the summer I cut my hand on a piece of ceramic in the skip and had to have three stitches at the A&E!

    I tend to wack my head mostly, I was working under a shelf once, forgot it was above, stood up and gave myself a real lump on the head!

    Worst one was when I was screwing a piece of timber to a wooden lintel with my elec. drill/driver. the peice of timber spun round and wacked me on the nose. It hit me that hard my knees gave way like a boxer does when he's been clobbered! I'll never forget that one, hell it hurt, laugh abpout it now though!
  11. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    worst one i heard about, was a plumber left the lpg gas ring on in the site container to keep it warm on a frosty night, unbeknown to him the flame had gone out and filled the container with gas, so when he tried to open the frozen lock in the morning by heating it with his blow lamp BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM the container door was blown off and he was killed,,,
  12. PissedApache

    PissedApache New Member

    Getting a dead arm in the local merchants! laughed when my old boss got stuffed in a cardboard box.
  13. Dreadnaught Heating

    Dreadnaught Heating New Member

    getting flung off my step ladders as the 35mm coredrill bit went in the opposite direction when using my new Metabo Core DRILL. The hex shaft snapped, 'cos the clutch did not work.

    Having picked up my-self off floor with very sore wrist and fore-arm, took bl*y thing back and got another sent direct form factory.

    Cracked my nuts when carrying a box gutter backwards up a tiled roof. Blessed carpenter had removed the tiles while I was climbing ladder and of course as an apprentice I was concentrating on not bending the lead.

    Sat straddling the rafter with both feet poking thr'o lathe&plaster ceiling

    Not strictly a plumbers injury, but..........

    a VERY short sighted plumber (lets call him joe90), had a safety valve blow out of the thread. So, a near horizontal jet of hot water was crossing the lounge. The 'white mat' on the other side of the lounge looked a good place to jump onto to avoid a soaking. The white mat was an alsation.

    Cost a lot of vets fees as well as for the new carpet.

  14. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    Just goes to show that plumbing can be a very dangerous game.Apart from some of the accidents outlined above I suspect the next worse category is lifting items that are either too heavy, or even worse not that heavy but require an awkward lift.
    Some of the instructions on the packages make me laugh, '2 men required to lift' - on a k1 1200 x 500 ***.
    Cast iron baths and galvanised tanks, chimney pots and flues carried up a ladder etc. were always good for a rupture or hernia too.
  15. bettyswallocks

    bettyswallocks New Member

    I was working on my own putting hanging brackets for a wall hung cabinet, as I nipped up the screw I caught a piece of skin on the tip of my finger behind the bracket,

    it was so painful I dropped the screwdriver then realized I couldent reach it, I then had a choice of waiting for the customer to come back or lose the skin,

    it took weeks for the skin to grow back and on the way out a neighbour asked me if I had heard someone sobbing, said I hadnt heard anything
  16. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    Nothing worse than flux in an open cut.
  17. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    * Nothing worse than flux in an open cut.

    Nuclear war - that's worse ;)

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