Plywood Shed Help!!

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by OSBAli, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Devil's Advocate

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    If you do decide on ply and if you do decide to cover it in Tyvek or similar (not sure myself if these are the best options) then I think the best way to tackle the bottom edge is to have the sheet simply hand a further inch further down past the ply sheets edge so water simply runs off. Ie, don't wrap it around the edge.

    If you do go for this option, then come back 'cos there are other things that could be considered too - like you can get flat PVC strips that are used for this very purpose at the bottoms of roofs for the Tyvek to drape over, and this deflects any water in to the gutters.
  2. BMC2000

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    I think it looks the business and I would not want to trust plywood in a fully exposed situation, sae too much delaminated ply to know I would not risk it!

    Here's a good pic of the black corrugated panel to wall
  3. OSBAli

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    Just wanted to post you guys a big thanks for your help. Really helped me out, and help steer the way this "build" is going to go. I don't think plywood is the way, I cancelled the order even though it cost me 50£. Like you all said, seems like a false economy with it being fully exposed and I know it will give me sleepless nights thinking about it. I will bite the bullet and go with shiplap on the outsides, the back wall I am going to go with BMC''s advice - and ordered some bitumen sheets to cover that wall. I have another issue/question about how to sort the guttering out properly but have opened a new thread on that topic! thanks guys.

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