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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Proudarse, Dec 26, 2019.

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    Wow so many replies, thanks Roger and Cando for linking and explaining the brackets, I now understand exactly what it is. I was actually looking at long metal tubes that one of my brother's desk has underneath and quite cheap to buy, but those u shape metal strips are a better option as it's less bulky.

    I also found these on eBay which I guess is similar

    The desk is complete, went to B&Q and bought some 18mm plywood cut to my measurement and attached those legs I linked to from Screwfix.

    No sag whatsoever and seems sturdy enough although does wobble a little when pushed about, but that's not an issue at all as this is just a temporary solution for now.

    I used some Danish oil in the end as my dad had some lying around in the house and the finish is actually quite nice.

    I will definitely need to build a 120cm wide desk in a few months time and plan on creating a base frame using battens and may also use wooden legs.

    Thanks once again to you all for your help which is really appreciated.

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    Hi! Bit down the line, but am fitting out my new camper with a ply kitchen too. Like you, I could have had it veneered and had strips on the edges but have decided to go with the natural look. What DID you use to protect the wood? I'm thinking of getting the Osmo. Thanks!
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    I used Danish Oil, which brings out slightly more of a glow in the birch, but Osmo might have provided a slightly better level of protection. I have no regrets, as mine looks fantastic.
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