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    Hi Everyone!

    I’m installing my new kitchen shortly, I’m only fitting the cabinets and getting trades in to do plumbing/worktop/tiling, I live a relatively new build with a resilient floor the subfloor being 18mm moisture resistant T&G chipboard. When I ripped out the old kitchen and flooring the tiles and units were installed on a thin sheet of plywood, the tiles were only to the base cabinet legs and I understand why ply was used for the tiles area.

    For the new fit tiles will be laid on a ditra mat again to the legs and I was initially going to install the base cabinets on the chipboard but wondered if it’s better to fit some ply under them to act as another barrier in case of leaks or If there is any other benefits to laying the cabinets on plywood, the legs are adjustable so levelling isn’t an issue but could help prevent a lip between chipboard and tiles.

    Any advice would be grateful
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    If fitting the cabinets use a laser.. got to be level and square. Regs say that when tiling over 18mm p5 must use 15mm WBP ply fixed at 100-150 centres. ( I’d glue down too) you need the rigidity in the floor to eliminate as much flex as poss. Then your uncoupling membrane..then tile.
    only ever ply to the legs...(if you are fitting granite worktop I would ply to the wall )adjust leg height accordingly to floor make up..plastic legs won’t draw water into the units..if it floods..well..that’s what insurance is for. Hope that helps ?
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    Thanks, that helps

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