Political correctness

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by facilities, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Because you asked that question in direct response to mine. Without answering mine. Post #787.

    I hope that is clear.
  2. I think you're biased. Or silly.

    Or both.

    Soooooo, Dobbie - is the RoI relieved now they made their revised decision? One they didn't have to change if they didn't want to?

    Listen.... Hard.... That's a 'phew' coming from across the Oirish Sea.
  3. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    I didn't accuse Putin or Blair of personally killing anybody although by by you making this distinction you obviously think one of them did.
  4. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    This guy.

    Who he is, I don't know.
    He shut those imbeciles up for a while though, well, until one of them shouted "go back to Beijing".
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  5. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    No doubt you had some dastardly motive for posting that. But “hey! This is library.” was the funniest thing I’ve heard today.

    There was a famous US judge who said that free speech had limits and it wouldn’t protect someone from falsely shouting fire in a crowded theatre.

    I’ve used that judge’s quote before. Not anymore. From now on it’ll be “free speech has limits. This is library”.
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  6. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

  7. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

  8. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

  9. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    And you know that question I actually asked, never said PERSONALLY, but you somehow managed to make it appear if that's what I was saying, so NO im not buying your lame excuse at trying to get out of it.

    If you wrote it as you thought you read it, its your mind that thinks that way not mine, now ask yourself why????

    That's right you're a bigot that will make stuff up to try and justify your own ends.
    Or as its commonly know, a lefty, Libtard, Antifa, whatever you choose.. im easy.
  10. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Why don't you just repost your original question as I'm bored of scrolling back through old posts,
  11. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    You do mean that in the positive sense I presume?

    I happened to stumble upon this clip quite by chance and shared the guys regard towards these morons, that's all.
    Is 'free speech' free, when you're preventing others from going about their lawful business?
    What do these shirkers care? They live their lives and someone else always pays the price.
  12. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    And you reckon Kools is a sloucher?
  13. Sigh - I think you've just spoiled any nice point you could have made.
  14. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    Positive? Absolutely! (Sorry - weak maths pun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_value).

    Dastardly was probably the wrong word. Nefarious?

    I agree that some places are sacred and nobody should ever disturb their spiritual tranquility: churches, libraries, bookies, drinking dens.
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  15. The SF forum site.
  16. It's isn't 'cool', it's funny.

    That's all - funny.

    The guy ain't a 'HERO' either, he's a librarian. A tetchy one. As most tend to be.

    I feel for him, I really do.
  17. Broon

    Broon Active Member

    What is everyone's thoughts on the current situation with Russia?

    We lack the muscle and power to go against them alone.
  18. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    We have to stop pandering to the Tyrant Putin and show him in no uncertain terms that what they are doing is completely unacceptable.
  19. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

    We also have to do the same to the Tyrant EU.
  20. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    You can't compare Putin with the EU bureaucrats...one is a Tyrant and a bully, while the other are a load of unelected bureaucratic buffoons.

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