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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by facilities, Feb 5, 2018.

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    We do need to do something but I think we need the west to stand beside us on this as we just lack enough power and political clout to have an effect on Russia.
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    Agree, we need to form a consensus amongst our allies, including the EU and NATO countries, and all of us act as one in a united manner.
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  4. facilities

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    Maybe, but we did it once before in 1939
  5. facilities

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    Meant to mention, Europe were no use to us then either
  6. Broon

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    Are you hinting at world war 2?

    Cause we were being supplied by the US and had France with us although I will give you that they fell quickly.

    Although times have moved on and we did react back in 2006 to the previous attack in which they used radiation. Although the rest of the west never really done much but relation are a bit more stretched now with Russia.

  7. We did what before in 1939?

    And what ultimately led to the scuppering of the Nazi's conquest of Europe in the 40's?

    Ironic, eh?
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  9. btiw2

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    I think nearly all historians will tell you that it was the Russians that defeated the Krauts.
    Not single handedly, admittedly, but Russians killed about five times the number of Fritz as the allies (depending on how you count them).
    The eastern front was not only responsible for destroying millions of Hun, it also had some really, really important battles.
    The Bosch were knackered, on their knees, by the time of the d-day landings.
    About the only metric where the allies did "better" was on was number of Square-heads captured.
    The allies definitely helped, but we didn't destroy Jerry.

    I'd continue, but I'm all out of pejoratives for sausage-suckers.
  10. RUBBISH!

    I think you'll find the turning point was when GREAT BRITAIN said to 'itler "Have you any idea who you are dealing with?"
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  11. Phew, thank you.

    "With a little(?) help from our friends across the pond and Ironically Russia (yup). " which doesn't read quite the same as your post #864

    As for the rest of your reply, I think you may be ill.
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    Go on then I’ll give you a like even though your full of s###e :rolleyes:
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  13. Hang on - I've given you one... Hmm still waiting :(
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    What time is Chips home, this thread could do with a bit of common sense :D:D:D:(:confused:
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    Have another look, quick it may be going! Post 870
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  16. btiw2

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    Thinking about it.

    If we wanted to work out who defeated Hitler, the answer would be Hitler.

    Hitler killed 100% of the Hitlers.

    See, he wasn't all bad.
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  17. I think we're heading for a showdown.

    Watching Putin smirking on the news yesterday as he shrugged off the question posed to him by the BBC, I think it's clear that he reckons this is all doing him good.

    His fans love this - just as Trump's supporters fawn over him whenever he goes all 'loudmouth'.

    And, if we impose more sanctions - which currently, I understand, have only slightly dented Russia's economy - Putin simply uses it as the cause of Russia's woes. It's a win-win for him.

    Sadly, a large segment of the Russian population are not very informed. (For once, I'll avoid the obvious parallels here and in the US. Oops, too late.)

    Is it time to mark a line in the sand? Is it time to encourage the Ukraine to join NATO? Is it time for the West to tell Russia 'enough' - and get the **** out of the Crimea while you are at it?! And be ready to handle the consequences. Which could, of course, be severe, tho' there's a chance that ultimately the guy will know when the game is up.

    These are not good times.
  18. I LOVE you :cool:
  19. Man, you sure know how to lighten a situation :)
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    Ok Ok, has this first post bin answered yet ? :confused:

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