Polypipe underfloor heating dial thermostat

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  1. gordon frail

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    Hi all , can someone point me in the right direction please, currently have the above in my house and all the rooms have the heating controlled with the slave units but the the conservatory has the dial type which you switch on and off manually which is rubbish ,I took the cover off it and it only has 2 wires into and the others have 4 so can't change them but my question is is there an electronic timer type I can replace it with ? thanks in advance

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  2. kiaora

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    There at various ways to sort this out.

    A programmable rf, thermostat with receiver , and forget about the wires you have, or a battery powered hard wired programmable stat?

    The ones you have around the house, now maybe mains supply and switched live?

  3. gordon frail

    gordon frail New Member

    whats the easiest option lol ? any links on eBay you could point me in the right direction
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  5. The Teach

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    Polypipe do a 2 wire&battery programmable room thermostat,easy to use :)
  6. gordon frail

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    thanks for all the replies:)

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