polystyrene or rockwool ?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Grocer Jack, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Grocer Jack

    Grocer Jack New Member

    I am insulating my stockroom in my shop,ceiling and walls and am wondering if polystyrene sheets are allowed in current building regs? I have a 50mm gap on the walls, most rockwool seems to be at least 100mm.Which would be cheapest?
  2. bobthebuilder944

    bobthebuilder944 New Member

    Hi,Building regs are different all over the country,I personally would consider using Celotex,available from any building merchant,can be bought in several thickness's 25mm,50mm etc.
  3. a1builder

    a1builder New Member

    50mm polystyrene would be the cheapest but will not give best u-value
  4. trench

    trench New Member

    Building Regs are the same all over the country, but in this instance there is no particular standard you have to meet. I would agree with the celotex suggestion (better than quilt or polystyrene) and Kingspan do an insulation backed plasterboard (TW56) but bear in mind that some of these may need a timber frame to fix the sheets to, which will take up some your available space, unless you can find one that you can fix with adhesive. Best bet is to speak to local builders merchants.
  5. trustedman

    trustedman New Member

    If you want kingspan/cellotex then there is a great compnay that sells seconds they are half price. The quality is great too, you normally get a couple of extra boards chucked in if they are too damaged

    The Seconds Co

    01544 260501
  6. Grocer Jack

    Grocer Jack New Member

    Thanks for all your advice
  7. salem2000

    salem2000 New Member

    If you use polystyrene, ensure there are no cables in contact with it, as a chemical reaction can occur that will damage the insulation.
  8. bobthebuilder944

    bobthebuilder944 New Member

    not going to argue "trench",but building regs differ from place to place,I work as a site agent for a large company,travelling all over the country,and the regs differ,what one will allow the next wont,hope your not offended.
  9. trench

    trench New Member

    No offence taken bob, I'll stick by my "same all over the country" statement, as the regs are a national standard but I would aggree that BCOs interpretations of the regs can differ. But this is more likely to depend on the experience and training of the individual BCO rather than geography.
  10. bobthebuilder944

    bobthebuilder944 New Member

    i agree,i've got a right pain in the **** of one at the mo,about time he retired.
  11. chappers

    chappers Member

    me too argued with him for days over the amount of insulation necessary in a timberframed wall, he thinks he can try it on as I am working under a building notice, he kept argueing the toss I even went through the regs and did the calcs it wasn't until I found some data on the leeds city councils BC website that he finally agreed.
    Surely we both do this day in day out and he was just trying it on.
  12. bobthebuilder944

    bobthebuilder944 New Member

    trouble is,they have a memory like an elephant.

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