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    my friend has recently purchased and moved into a property

    issue they are having is the bath will only fill with hot water for approximately a quarter then it shuts down not water at all. similar with the central heating it turns on for a short period of time then cuts out.

    hot water cylinder on the first floor CWSC in the loft space with a glow worm boiler space saver mk 2 on the ground.

    any ideas on the issue. i am not local to attend and attempt a fix so i am seeking the adice to forward if possible

    many thanks
  2. KIAB

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    Elderly boiler, better off replacing it.

    Pointless repairing it, I can remember council fitting the 30Bto properties, way back around 1990, might been a bit earlier.

    MBPLUMB New Member

    That's my initial thought.
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Totally scaled up heat exchanger most likely, causing it to shut down.

    Fit Magnaclean Pro 2 to system, give system a good clean out with X800 or other cleaner, then fit new combi boiler.
    But, I would budget for new radiators, did a system for a friend, fitted Magnaclean, in with Adey cleaner,it removed the crud, but ended up with pinholing on several radiators.:rolleyes:

    And dump cylinder, also probably in a poor state, as not needed with combi.
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