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    Hi all,

    I hope everyone is fit and well

    We're having a few issues with the laying of our pavestone porcelain tiles that we have employed a local patio and driveway specialist to lay.

    We did a ton of research on the tiles and visited several places before deciding on the ones by pavestone.

    The ground works we're completed in a couple of days and the steps we're built yesterday. After the contractors had left and we finished work we went to have a look and we're un-happy with the way they have been put together.

    Their are big gaps on the step and a big wonky line up the middle of the steps. There's quite a noticeable chip on the top step and also delamination of the tile itself. The tiles have chips where they've been cut.

    Also, their is a big gap on one side compared to the other and it just doesn't look very well put together?

    We spoke to the person laying the patio last night and today he stated that our house is wonky so couldn't line them up properly. Also that the tiles are poor quality (we have spoken to pavestone and the supplier we purchased from this morning and they are surprised as these are top quality tiles and they've not had any complaints before?). I did some research and see a lot of people say to use a wet table saw on the tiles for clean, straight lines. They were using a petrol disc cutter yesterday (although they did say it had a diamond cutting disc on it).

    We asked if they had a wet saw, they said they have but just didn't bring it with them yesterday?

    I keep thinking am I being too fussy and that it's not going to look perfect? The chaps portfolio and previous work looks amazing and I would be more than happy if he could get close to that standard with ours.

    He said that the tiles aren't ideal for using as steps and that we should buy specialist steps. We did say that he never mentioned this at the time when he came out to quote or the second time when he came out to measure up. He even told us where to go and what tile manafacturer to use?

    At the moment they have left ours and gone to another job whilst we investigate with the company we purchased the tiles from if their defective?

    I have attached some pictures, but wanted to know of others thought this was a good level of workmanship? It's costing us quite a bit of money to get this done and I was hoping for something that would look good. IMG-20210910-WA0003.jpg IMG-20210910-WA0004.jpg IMG-20210910-WA0005.jpg IMG-20210910-WA0006.jpg
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    Poor quality work for an alleged pro. I say alleged because a disc cutter ain't the tool for these.
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    Thank you, I was concerned that I was expecting too much?, but the cut lines are awful. If I had attempted to do the work myself, I may have been happy with the outcome, but for a professional to think that this is quality work is staggering?

    The annoying thing is that they do actually have a wet saw but just didn't bring it with them? I wouldn't have minded if it was the patio tiles on the base that were like this as you wouldn't really notice.

    It's just the steps look wonky with wobbly lines and rough cuts...
  5. Thats a DIY standard, well some DIY'ers would use the right tool and do better. Do you have any left over to get someone in that knows what they are doing to sort the step out?
  6. I used a 9" grinder with diamond cut disc on mine, but they were irregular paving slabs anyway and I was hitting the edges with a mallet to get rid of the fresh cut lines.
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    Person laying them stated ‘our house is wonky’ !!!!

    Bluddy poor excuse indeed / all houses are wonky, both internally and externally, all more apparent when you lay any type of tile

    Last picture showing uneven joint on top step is because he’s followed the line of the house (under UPVC door step) and that’s thrown out the joint line

    Could have either trimmed the tile as needed (along back edge) or increase gap between tile and house where it’s less noticeable once pointed

    Any sign of tile spacers being used to maintain an even space ?
    If these are top quality tiles, then should be nice and even and square to help maintain even tile spacings - Are these ‘rectified’ tiles ?

    As these porcelain patios are becoming more popular, seems there’s a lot more unhappy customers that are being ripped off and ending up with shoddy work as the learning curve to lay this material is too steep (as compared to stone / cement slabs) or the attitude of the firms laying is backwards and full of bluff as they fail to grasp that different techniques need to be used for a top quality job

    Have the tiles bonded well to the base ? That’s another frequent issue, been discussed several times on the forum just recently where the tiles can simply be lifted up from the base as no bond formed due to lack / incorrect primer being used on the backs of tiles

    Looks like some discussion is needed with the boss …. Good luck
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