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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Sarah fretwell, Jul 3, 2021.

  1. Sarah fretwell

    Sarah fretwell New Member

    Hello hoping for some advise - We have just had a porcelain patio laid in our garden and the work is sub standard. We had already done a lot of the prep work as we had intended to lay the patio ourselves but then decided it better to get a professional. We ensured to hire someone who said they had experience with porcelain as we're aware it needs to be more precise due to the flat surface however on day 2 of laying it transpires the guy who was sent admitted it was his first porcelain patio and it shows. I believe he has tried his best and he worked hard but I'm not happy that the man who quoted us has essentially lied and sent somebody who has no experience laying porcelain. Obviously everyone has to start somewhere but I wouldn't have thought somebody with no experience on this would be laying this on their own?

    There is some variation in the levels of the tile - not major but it shows - and the grout spacing is not consistent - after day 1 we noticed this and offered him some spacers of the same size that we had in the house after asking what he was using as a spacer and he said a pencil... He did not use the spacers and continued with the pencil. He has only had to do cuts for the start of every other row for the brick layout and has damaged more tiles than hes cut right due to not having a wet cutter, after day 1 he said he was hoping to get a better cutter but on day 2 had the same one so we are left with a lot of damages, not the end of the world but wirh porcelain not being cheap we were hoping to use leftovers for a path. He has not yet grouted and we have spoken to the boss and insisted that somebody experienced be there for this as reading up its not a job for someone untrained and can ruin the tiles. At this point we also mentioned some of the tiles were a little uneven and the boss just seemed unimpressed and said oh and nothing else. We have already paid for the majority of materials ourselves bar the sand/cement for laying and so majority of their cost we are due to pay is labour. The quote was not cheap IMO so I don't think its a get what you pay for situation (over 2k for what will likely be 3/4 days work)

    I am unsure how to proceed as I don't feel its bad enough to take up and start again but I don't feel the work is up to scratch to pay the full quote and wanted some thoughts on this, we found the guy on checkatrade.

  2. Mike83

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    You’ll get more replies if you upload some pictures.
    People can then judge and give advice.
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  3. Sarah fretwell

    Sarah fretwell New Member

    Hi apologies photo now attached this is the grouting... Honestly not sure what to do here

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  4. jonathanc

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    phone the contractor up and explain you are not happy and why. follow it up in writing. if he rectifies the issues then fine

    if not then take it from there - as you have not paid, you have the upper hand
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  5. spen123

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    You need to get the contractor back and highlight the issues.
    Take things from there.
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  6. masterdiy

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    Unless you do as others have suggested you will always look at that work & look at the bad bits, in the end it will get to you.
    Your not happy, you have a quote that isn't cheap, along with the fact they have broken a number of tiles.
    I think the others agree, not to pay for this until completed to your satisfaction.
    If he doesn't want to come back & finish it properly, withhold the payment & get another trades person in.
    Good luck.
  7. Mr Rusty

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    It's rubbish. If you pay for a pro job it should be near perfect. No excuses. Porcelain tiles are very flat and need to be laid without lippage. It's all in the preparation. Yes, trickier than some, that's why you pay pros. Don't pay anything. Give them a chance to rectify. Unfortunately you now have the problem of lifting them and cleaning them up, if you can.
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  8. Sarah fretwell

    Sarah fretwell New Member

    Just an update the contractor it transpires lost half his staff the week before and agreed the work isn't good. He has agreed we should not pay and we will get somebody else in as he doesn't have the skilled staff now to complete the job. Shame this wasn't highlighted before so we could have avoided this and it will obviously cost more to take up but at least he was honest. Thanks all for the help.
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