Porcelain tiles in back garden

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Steve10123, Jul 29, 2021.

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    Hi all. So I have just finished laying my 600 x 600 x 20 mil porcelain tiles in the back garden over a type one base. One of the tiles I was running short on cement and so I did a sort of dot and dab thing which didn't work in the slightest and came loose the next day. There was still quite a bit of cement there, but just not enough for a full bed.

    I then took it up, dug up some of the existing cement and filled up the voids and topped up the rest and relay the slab. The next day, it was loose again.

    I then dug out all of the cement (which was quite a dry mix) And scraped as much off of the back of the tile as I could, I then filled up with a new batch of slightly wetter mix, re-primed the back of the slab with a slurry mix of cement and SBR And laid it back down. Again, the following day, it is loose again.

    Do you have any ideas what is going wrong and why this one tile in particular is not sticking? Also any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks

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