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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by mrkjd, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. mrkjd

    mrkjd New Member

    We have what was an open porch on a 70s bungalow which had been enclosed on the 2 open sides with UPVC double glazing and panels at some point. We want to remove the UPVC which looks **** and build a more “permanent” wall. Problem is the porch is only circa 900mm wide so a block cavity wall would be too thick. I was thinking of a hefty stud wall but am unsure of insulating this best or whether there is some funky left field option? The new porch resulting will be heated so insulation is an important consideration. Has anybody any advice on how they would go about this?
  2. mrkjd

    mrkjd New Member

    (Bump) ...... can anybody help?
  3. wiggy

    wiggy Well-Known Member

    4x2 stud wall, 75mm celotex
  4. Jitender

    Jitender Well-Known Member

    May sound a bit extreme but think I would knock it down and restart from scratch.:D

    May as well make a cavity and follow permitted development.
  5. mrkjd

    mrkjd New Member

    Thanks for replies. I can’t knock it down as the bungalow roof overhangs it. It was originally an open area under the overhang approx 3m x 1.1m with a support pillar at the front corner. I guess an insulated stud wall is my only real option.
  6. Jord86

    Jord86 Well-Known Member

    Put up a photo.
  7. egon999

    egon999 Member

    porches exempt building regs so no real minimum standards to follow. why heat it tho?
    insulated Stud wall probably best option if you are mad keen to pump heat in

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