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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by mikki, Sep 23, 2021.

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    The cost for a portable loo is listed in my quote by an estimator. My builder signed it but he hasnt hired toilet for his workers and they've been on the job for 2 months. They started using our toilet from the second month and i feel bad for saying no. But its got to the point where they are using it freely and walking in with their grubby boots. We only have one toilet/bathroom shared between me hubby and 3 kids. And now with the builders! The main builder is away and not back for another week. When i pointed out to him before he left that we are being charged for a portable toilet but there is no toilet he said the cost for things are moved around depending on if he feels its needed so therefore it can go towards something else on the list.

    I dont want to cause any arguments as i want to keep it good between us since they are building my extension! How should i go about this? Do i tell the men tomorrow not to use my toilet??
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    They've been working on your property for months without a potraloo???.... Completely absurd!
    Stop messing around, call the builder and tell him that he either gets a toilet on site by tomorrow or you'll arrange it yourself and deduct the cost from his payment.
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    I think it's too late to make an issue of this now without the risk of a bit of a ruck. This should have been sorted on day 1.

    It's something I draw my client's attention to so they can make an informed choice of whether to save a bit of cash or allow use of a loo.

    With just 1 bathroom it's a no brainer to me: portaloo every time.

    Dirty boots though?? That's a total no-no: boots off or drop cloth,

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