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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by marktime, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. marktime

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    Hi, my potterton netaheat 10-16 mk 2, which has never put a foot wrong in 16 years, has started to do something weird. There is hot water, the boiler ignites after using hot water as per, but when the heating starts up, after about 5 mins when the rads are hot, it stops. It does not respond to turning the thermostat up. I tried turning the boiler off and on again and the heating fired up, but cut off again after it got all the rads warm, any ideas/ thanks, Mark. If I don't get back til later it's cos I'm at work.
  2. andy48

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    Probably a circulation issue. The boiler needs the heating circuit to lose enough heat to reduce the temperature difference between water leaving the boiler and returning to it by a preset amount, usually around 30 degrees. If there is a restriction in the circuit (e.g. build of sludge, valve not opening properly), or the pump is no longer powerful enough to circulate the water, the boiler overheats and shuts down.

    Determine which is the boiler flow (from) pipe. It will be the one which gets hot quickest when the boiler is on. Turn the central heating on then try and follow the heat through the pump and valve(s) until you find somewhere the heat isn't flowing well. That's the most likely source of your problem.
  3. DIY0001

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    Is the thermostat stuck? Give it a couple of cycles between minimum and maximum and listen for the "click" where it should be switching everything on. Higher than the click it should be activating both the pump and the boiler. If neither pump not boiler operate then it is likely the thermostat that has backed up or got clogged with dust/fluff. If you can hear the pump running when the thermostat is turned up high then it could be the boiler has finally given up or the clogging up that Andy mentioned. Potterton Neataheats are pretty reliable.
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  4. marktime

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    This is great guys, thanks, i will look into it tomorrow when i get home, I'll post my findings when I've had a look, cheers, Mark
  5. marktime

    marktime New Member

    Ok, thanks again. So, one last thing I found out last night. If I leave the thermostat on, at 20, then run the hot water, for washing up, the heating comes on for a little bit. Stayed on for 15 mins. after my shower. Does this narrow it down, is it thermostat or sludge? I have an open vented system and have looked up how to drain the radiators/heating system, which seems a time consuming process! Anyhow, thanks again for your help, cheers, Mark
  6. KIAB

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    I would fit a magnetic filter, Magnaclean Pro 2 if system doesn't have one, then dose system with some Sentinel X400 & leave it to work for 2 or 3 weeks,checking filter regularly,then drain & throughly flush system,then refill & add inhibiter.
  7. Peter208

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    Does your system have a 3 port valve, hot water cylinder?
  8. marktime

    marktime New Member

    It does...
  9. dobbie

    dobbie Screwfix Select

    The system has to be actually working properly ( which it is not ) for them to actually do anything.
    Surely it says that when you read the reviews of people who have actually installed them, or had them installed.

    When the poster gets his heating fixed, which could possibly be the three port valve, he could then ask his plumber for advice on getting one fitted, until then it is of no use to him.
  10. Peter208

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    So, it could be the 3 port valve not operating correct. If from your first post you said the boiler fired up to heat the hot water tank so you could shower then that says the boiler is working. Then at sometime later you wish to have the heating on and it does come on but for only 10/15 mins then I would look at this 3 port valve just to eliminate it and confirm that it's working as it should.

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