Pouring pad foundations underneath existing wall and pier

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Turbine, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Isitreally

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    Yes it is really.

    Also that steel is set wrong, it doesnt appear to be bearing a minimum 150mm, (200mm is better.)

    It also shouldn't have cut bricks under it, it should be steel plates at that thickness.
  2. sospan

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    There are so many things wrong, the size and quality of the pier, the brick on the web to" stop lateral movement" - I like that one but I bet the BCO didn't

    but also so many warning signs

    - My builder (a great guy)

    - My builder got a bricklayer in to do it rather than doing it himself - the poor brickwork on the pier is better than the builder could do !!. Wow

    - He has 25 years experience and I trust him. But I’m down 3k so far to get the steel in, and am looking at a LOT more than that if we have to do what looks to be required.

    - The proposal for a 150mm thick foundation.

    - My builder has been trying to come up with a way of putting in the pad foundations without knocking down the wall and pier, repositioning the dwarf wall, cutting the joists and rebuilding everything. But he can’t think how - "My builder 0 - 4 Screwfix forum. Within a short while there were so many solutions to figure this out, probably cheaper but definitely better

    The whole thing is a shambles. It really needs a fresh look at it from an independent surveyor / builder as to what to do and get the correct paperwork in place with a properly designed solution and plan and also agreement with the neighbours and also notify the household insurance company.

    One thing to be thankful about the BCO - said NO, try again
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  3. egon999

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    Have I read this wrong. are you asking how to underpin the wall/pad?
    Do it in alternative bays if its a wall. or if its a pad then dig halfway from one side, place concrete then dig from the other and complete it. resin in a couple of starter bars if you wish. Run it past your engineer?
  4. Pollowick

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    Are you able to comment on designs that utilise SPAM as the primary construction material?

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