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    My system is making lots of banging / tapping noises when heating up and 2 of the radiators are not heating as well as they should. I already have a Magnaclean which is picking up some crud, however, I think I may need a power flush. The trouble is my system is 8mm microbore and reading lots of web pages it would appear that power flushing may not cure the problem. I must also add that the pipework and radiators are over 25 years old. I have heard of a system called POWDER FLUSHING which is recommended for microbore but there seems to be little information on the web apart from on the Powder Flush site. If it was a brilliant answer to microbore crud problems then I would have expected more postings other than on the 1 website.

    Does anyone know of this flushing system and whether it is worth considering as the costs quoted are quite high?

  2. KIAB

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    Power flushing is a quick way to make money, doesn't alway cure the problem, put some Sentinel X400 cleaner in system for a week or two two & let round around.

    I would even look on Ebay for a Magnacleanse, will get your money back when you sell it on.
    Can leave it connected for a week to work it's magic.


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    Have never heard of the system you are talking about,I think you will need to do some more investigating to see if it works or not.
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    Have heard about it, never seen it used, with such a old system I would be worried about any problems with leaks, etc, & same with power flushing which puts a lot of stress on a system.
    Also with powder flushing, I would be concern about using an abrasive powder in a system, & their claims they remove 100% of it from the system.


    His pipework and radiators are over 25 years old, seriously I would look at new radiators, even new pipework, any microbore piping is a nightmare,especailly 8mm, even MC5, X800,X400 might struggle to clear it, & would need an extended time in the system, also no cleaner can remove a blockage.
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    Thanks for the useful information, I will need to do some more research and thinking of which way to go but a cleaner seems the most sensible first step.
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    Used Sentinel X800 here, within a couple of hours of it running around system I noticed a marked improvement in several radiators being hotter than they had been a few hours earlier.
    On removing the Magnaclean Pro 2, filter, it was well clogged up with crud, cleaned out filter several times first day, then two or three times during rest of the week.

    I would try some Sentinel X800 first, in your system,it works in hours, whereas X400 needs a few weeks or longer to get best results.

    What boiler have you got.
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    As with KIAB - try a chemical based option to start with. £20 or so for some Sentinel is a small investment to make compared to the hundred a Power/Powder flush will cost you.
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    A hundred quid for a power flushing, neighbour paid around £250 for one other month.
    And I have no ideas to cost for powder flushing.

    X800 £20 or less, & X100 inhibitor again £20 or less.



    With cleaner, you can remove a lot of crud.
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    Thanks everyone. My boiler is an Ideal Classic. The system is an open one. Sounds like X800 is the first step.

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