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  1. My best mate is an old school electrician, and I'm an old school vehicle technician. We were discussing power consumptions the other day, when he stated that when the voltage drops, say from 240 volts to 230 volts the current consumption increases. He is adamant that this is the case and was taught this way at college. His calculation goes something like this:- if you have a 9.8KW shower and it runs on 240 volts, you need a specific size of cable, if you run it on 230 volts then you need to increase the cable size as it will draw more current. The rule he uses is watts = volts X amps. So at 240 volts a 9.8 KW shower draws 40.83 amps. Using this same formula, at 230 volts a 9.8KW shower draws 42.65 amps. I calculated the resistance of a 9.8KW shower (V = I X R) is 5.87 ohms. This doesn't change whatever voltage you run it on. So at 230 volts the current flow will be 39.18 amps. So multiplying it up, your 9.8KW shower, run at 230 volts becomes a 9KW shower. My mate is not convinced by these figures. Can anyone back me up, or is he right?
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    Not Answered.[/b]

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    Oh yes it is and it has. :)
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    Page 9 should help.   *

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    Page 9 of what?
  7. Bogit, you are right and have worked it out correctly. And your mate is confused. Your mate doesn't seem to realise that the kw rating of the shower is completely variable, and the stated 9.8kw rating is BASED on a 240V supply. Reduce that voltage, and the current will fall accordingly - and the kw output of the shower will fall in line too.

    It's a bit alarming the way his brain works, tho'. To think that when you reduce the voltage you should increase cable thickness... That's such a basic...
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    Most showers will show two ratings on the box - one at 240v and one at 230v.

    For example, a Mira states 10.8kw @ 240v, 9.9kw @ 230v.
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    Better put a bigger cable in ours then as our supply voltage rarely drops below 251V! 
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    The one constant is the Resistance of the shower heating element(s).  Power = Volts x Amps and/or [Amps]^2 x Resistance and/or [Volts]^2 / Resistance.  Taking DA's 9.8kW @ 240V, the elemet(s) resistance is [240]^2 /.9.8kW which equals 5.88 Ohms.  If you change the supply voltage and the element(s) resistance remains the same then at 230V less current flows and the power falls to [Volts]^2 x 5.88 Ohms = 9.0kW.

    Hopefully being your best friend you can forgive him his ignorance.
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    If you have an android based phone I found an app today called Electrodroid which has all sorts of useful calculators and tables and is free.

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