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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by ARLester, Feb 17, 2021.

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    Hi guys.
    a few questions.

    I’ve got a blocked system and am looking at a power flush to resolve it as all pipes are buried under oak floor so zero chance of repiping or manually accessing them. Heat is getting to the flow tails and into the rads but I’d say at 50% of what they should be. Had a plumber attend and do everything possible ie check valves, TRVs, cleaned out rads with a hose etc therefore the conclusion is the blockage is in the 15mm plastic pipework somewhere.

    1) how long would you estimate to power flush just 5 rads (remembering there’s a blockage) should take?

    2) would you crack on all day if you hadn’t had a result in a few hours ? Or would you assume if it hadn’t shifted in a few hours, it wasn’t gonna get shifted?

    3) given the ideal result is to clear a blockage rather than just cleanse the system, how much would you charge ?

  2. Not Too Sure

    Not Too Sure Member

    First step is to stick some sludge remover in - try Fernox DS 40, it is very powerful...leave it in the system for a week and then flush out / use neutraliser. Flush out once more but this time ensuing you put inhibitor into the system.

    I’m just a DIY guy and managed to powerflush my parents rather large house (think 20 rads) in a day...hired the machine from Travis Perkins...

    How old is the CH system - you sure it isn’t small microbore pipes under the floors?

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