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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Jon6838, Jun 29, 2020.

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    Hi, I’m in the process of doing my kitchen and I’ve relocated the gas hob to the centre of the kitchen. The previous gas hob was plugged into a double socket behind the electric oven (dedicated oven circuit) so when the ‘cooker’ isolator switch was off neither the oven or the hob ignition would work.
    I’d like to keep this set up but now my hobs in the centre of the room. Would I be able to spur off the oven sockets in 2.5 and run it around behind the units to a single socket for the hob ignition? It would be about 4m of cable.
    Secondly is it ok to surface clip the cable around the wall? It would be approximately 65mm from the back of the kitchen units all the way round. Cheers!
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    You may need a fused connection unit (FCU) but yes there should be not problem. However the isolator for most ovens must be left on, the cooling fans needed to stop the carcase over heating will clearly not work if switched off, and also the clock will fail, so the isolator is really only for an emergency, I don't work with gas, but as far as I am aware turning off power to a gas cooker does not switch it off, one of the reasons I don't like gas cooking, I am sure if some one invented it today it would be banned as not safe, it in fact is banned in many high rise flats after Ronan Point before the induction hob I could see why people wanted gas in spite of danger, but since the induction hob no real excuse.
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    Thanks for the reply, yes I would have liked an induction hob but it would’ve meant a new cable back to the fuse box which would be a nightmare. Cheers

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