Power to keep the wife happy!

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by deejaykay78, May 12, 2018.


Power to keep the wife happy?

  1. Direct from CU?

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  2. Spur from garage ring?

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  1. deejaykay78

    deejaykay78 New Member

    I’ve read loads of posts about running power to a shed but don’t seem to have found the solution.
    I have a consumer unit which has been installed in my garage situated at the end of my garden via an armoured cable from the house. What I’m wanting to do is run power to a summer hut which is situated next to the garage.
    There is a gap of about 1 meter between the hut and the garage.
    My question is what would be the easiest way, should I run a cable from the consumer unit through the wall of the garage to the hut “OR” spur off the ring in the garage with a FCU through the wall to the hut?
  2. MGW

    MGW Well-Known Member

    Give up, tell us the answer. Main thing is spur is no more than 13A where from CU you can have more, and likely a spur will not require registering where from CU it will.

    So answer the big question, will you need more than 13A.
  3. deejaykay78

    deejaykay78 New Member

    Thanks for the reply MGW, 13A will be sufficient I feel so think I’m gonna go down the FCU route.
    Do you think a FCU with RCD would be sensible as it’s going to feed the hut which will be outside? Or do you think a standard FCU it’s enough protection without as I’m encasing the T&E in a weather proof conduit anyhow.
  4. retiredsparks

    retiredsparks Well-Known Member

    When i read the topic heading....I thought it was going to be interesting !
  5. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ;) Mains Powered Rabbit maybe ....... :cool:
  6. MGW

    MGW Well-Known Member

    All my 230 volt supplies are RCD protected I would not dream of not protecting any domestic supply, however I also think having two identical RCD's on the same supply as with boats and caravans is also daft. I can see reasoning, one can't be sure a marina or caravan site supply is RCD protected, and in the case of a marina isolation transformers or diodes in the earth could stop the shore based RCD from tripping.

    But I would want all supplies to sockets RCD protected.
  7. Bazza

    Bazza Well-Known Member

    Is the garage CU already RCD protected? If so you do not need another!

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