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  1. Alan Hook

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    Last week I cleaned the shower (Bristan Bliss) and the shower stopped working in the main bathroom. I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and all are OK. There is one fuse marked as ‘shower’ which is fine. When I remove the fuse the shower in the other shower room stopped working too. I presume they are on the same fuse.

    I have checked the line in the shower and it’s dead. I have checked both lines going through the ceiling pull switch and both aren’t live.

    What might have happened in the line? It’s live at the fuse box (ground floor), if it’s the same line, it’s live at the shower room on the first floor, but not live by the time it gets to the 2nd floor.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what might have gone in the line. It’s all the correct diameter cable etc.

    other things I tried in the tests - replacing the pull switch. I tested all fuses with a multimeter, and all the lines with a voltage tester (touch not distance).
  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Show us pics of your consumer unit / fuseboards if more than one.
    What instrument are you using to measure voltages present ?
    Are there any RCD's protecting the shower circuits ?
  3. Alan Hook

    Alan Hook New Member

    thanks for the quick reply. I tested the wires with a domestic voltage touch test screwdriver, and the fuses with a domestic multi-meter. I can’t locate any RCDs.

    The cable in the shower goes up the wall and into the crawl space above the shower. There used to be the water tank up there, so I’ve been up and I can trace the wire from the shower to the pull cord, and back out the switch into the ceiling space.

    I presume the power comes into the house (it’s been added because it’s a 3 story turn of the century townhouse) into the fuse box, the fuse marked ‘shower’ line goes from there to the shower room on the 1st floor, and then up to the main bathroom shower on the 2nd floor. It the only line that’s thick enough for a shower.

    I was cleaning the shower, so could have shorted it, and tripped an RCD on the line, but I can’t locate one.

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  4. terrymac

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    The main switch ( far right ,marked " trip" ,is the RCD) ,and it is in the ON position.
    It would be unusual for two instantaneous electric showers to be on the same circuit ( but not impossible ,if both are not used simultaneously ).
    What is the grey box ,partly visible ,on left of your pic ?
  5. Bazza

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    An RCD protecting the shower (and other circuits) should be 30mA. The one in the picture is 100mA, you need an electrician to sort that basic safety issue out.
    But that is not the basic problem.
    A touch test screwdriver won’t help you. Use the multimeter to test for voltage.

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