Power toothbrushes in bathroom (NO shavers only socket)

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by esrevinU, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. esrevinU

    esrevinU New Member


    I need to power two electric toothbrushes in bathroom. Which option can I use, other than an ”Shavers only” socket? (and PLEASE, I want alternatives not questions about why not using the shavers socket)

  2. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Why don’t you use a shaver socket ?? .......... o_O why try reinvent the wheel :confused:

    Anyway,,,,,,,, as far as I know (I’m diy) the regs state that you can have a socket in a bathroom as long as it’s 3m away from a bath and/or shower and water jets

    Or under the bath, with a panel fitted that requires a tool (screwdriver) to remove panel (say for a shower pump/whirlpool bath)

    May be other get out clauses but...... unusual I guess ..... and for a very good reason :eek:
  3. esrevinU

    esrevinU New Member

    Is the shaver socket the ONLY option? Is this the ONLY wheel?
  4. seneca

    seneca Screwfix Select

    I've used shavers only sockets for toothbrushes for years!
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  5. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    I think I’ve misunderstood your question ...... apologies
  6. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Me as well, socket in main bathroom must have had a toothbrush charger plugged in most days for last 20 years with no problems

    Toothbrush hasn’t lasted that long though, been replaced several times but socket still going strong
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  7. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    Do you need to charge the toothbrushes in the bathroom? I don’t have an electric toothbrush at the moment but I recall getting about 2 weeks from a charge when I did.

    What make/type of toothbrushes are they? I had a Philips one that could use a USB cable plugged into its case. I don’t whether you could put a USB socket in a bathroom???
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  8. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    You probably could if it were SELV, but I'm not sure that many/any are.

    EDIT. There are some. A brief Google came up with this one. https://www.legrand.com/ecatalogue/753312-double-usb-charging-socket-valena.html
  9. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

  10. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    You can't have a socket within the zones, but you can have a FCU (spur unit for permanently connected appliances). Cut the plug off the charger and connect it to a FCU that is protected by a 30mA RCD at the supply. Is this a better or alternative wheel?
  11. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    I’m sure that is not permitted unless the charger is SELV. It won’t be.
    The whole basis is the initial “S” in SELV. Ever wondered what it means??
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  12. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

  13. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    The chargers for toothbrushes are induction coupled to the toothbrush base, well the Braun ones are. 'S' is for 'separated' but you know that Bazza. Electrical separation for my suggestion is provided by induction coupling in the charger, clearly you would not be able to connect an IEC or a figure of '8' lead for use with a toothbrush charger. I have been careless and assumed some knowledge on behalf of the OP.
  14. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Almost certainly a NO. The charger could still get immersed and thus cause a problem as there will be no separation.

    The S could be "separated" as in BS7671 or "safety" in BS EN 60335
  15. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    I know there are some dental hygiene units that use over the power available at a tooth brush and shaver supply socket, however the UK versions are rechargeable so charged up first then used so the charge load is within to output of the shaver socket, it is only the grey imports which cause problems.
  16. spinlondon

    spinlondon Screwfix Select

  17. I know that, the original poster asked for an item that was not for shavers only. I did not say plug in two items, he would need two units.
  18. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    Many units like this [​IMG] use more than the standard 20 VA supplied from a shaver socket. Also as said one socket per item so two sockets required for two tooth brushes if using at same time I would assume also two sinks.

    If it is rechargeable then no need to be recharged in the bathroom, so normal way is use rechargeable tooth brushes, since if rechargeable the use is not intermittent it should not be recharged from a shaver socket even if a shaver, the socket auto turns off when item is unplugged and can in some models over heat if used for an extended time.

    I would expect the type with a tooth brush on the legend can be used to charge with, however not seen any spec sheet that says either way, and when I first started to shave around 1965 I know there were cordless shavers then, so there have been rechargeable shavers for many years, but also seen many shaving points discoloured where clearly they got too hot.

    I have not seen any tooth brush that needs to be plugged in while using, only the units shown above need to be mains powered to use, and UK versions of them are normally rechargeable.
  19. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    From what I can see shaver sockets for bathrooms made to the BS have to incorporate an overload cutout https://professional-electrician.com/technical/socket-outlets-shavers/
    If this is the case, I suggest it is OK to plug anything in that doesn't cause the overload to operate.

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