Prepare old plasterboard for wallpaper?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by fred812, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. fred812

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    The house we have moved into has plasterboard walls, every one of which has been covered with painted lining paper that has been damaged by us having central heating pipes sunk in the walls and a complete rewire. Getting the lining paper off is taking ages and exposing what looks like a paper covering on the plasterboard??

    Decorating will be be mix of emulsioned walls and wallpaper. I've seen posts on preparing the walls for paint using Gardz but nothing on preparing for wallpaper. Anyone got any advice on the best way to go about that please? Its my first house with plasterboard walls.
  2. Wayners

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    Gardz to seal / bind surface. Filler over the damaged areas sand and spot prime filler with gardz.
    Now you can hang lining paper and then wallpaper paper or depending on which paper you choose and the condition of the surface you could just hang wallpaper straight on. Read paper instructions for advise on preparation
  3. fred812

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    Thanks Wayners.

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