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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by HugeWesty, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. HugeWesty

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    Hi, Ive got a plastering moving around my house and he'll be doing the kitchen on Tuesday. I've been spending my time removing tiles and stripping other things off the wall etc.

    When removing the tiles around the window, its left a bit of a mess. How would you go about preparing this window area ready for plastering? There are strings of silicone and bits of tile lodged down the sides of the window... I imagine I'll need to get these out best I can and make the ledge as even as possible??

    Am I missing anything else? Thanks in advance.

  2. DIYDave.

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    As your prepping for the plasterer, you could ask him what level of prep he wants/expects so room is all ready for him on Tuesday

    But,,,,,, I would suggest;

    Silicone - remove excess with a flexible craft knife blade. If it’s smeared over window frames get some silicone remover gel, No Nonsense brand from SF works well and clean up frames prior to plastering

    Tiles - try and lever off using an old chisel / wide screwdriver and hammer, may need to break them into smaller pieces first so give them
    a smack on the face with above tools

    Window sill and reveal -
    Hopefully plasterer will be running angle bead around all edges but gaps can be filled with bonding plaster, just brush away loose debris, PVA 1-5 diluted and away you go

    Sides at window don’t look bad at all, the sill is worse, could simply bond a piece of plaster board over it but will change the symmetry of the window

    If the friendly plasterer is with you today (Monday) then again, just ask what he would like in terms of prep

    That way, no delays when he starts kitchen on Tuesday

    Hope all goes well :)
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  3. Hans_25

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    Pretty much as Dave above says...I would look to get everything off - silicone, tiles, adhesive etc, so plasterer can run his beading, bond where needed to make up thickness then 2 coats finishing plaster.

    If plaster is in today (Monday), ask he how far he wants you to clean things up.
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