pressure drop compressor using LVLP paint gun

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Theo van Diepen, Jul 25, 2021.

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    dear all,

    I've been using an LVLP spray gun with a 24 liter 8 bar compressor. Working pressure is set at 6 bars on the compressor (tank pressure is 7,5 bar when full) and i set the pressure at the cheater valve (pressure valve on the regulator directly under the gun) at 2 bars. Holding down the trigger makes the pressure at the gun gage drop from 6 bar to 2 bar. The cheater valve is all the way open, so i cannot get the pressure up to say 2,5 bar. Also after spraying for about 8 seconds the pressure at the gun gage already drops below 2 bar, where i'm not getting enough atomisation.

    Is the big drop in pressure caused by the compressor system not being able to deliver enough air flow, or is maybe something wrong with the cheater valve under the gun?

    Thanks in advance for any reactie. Please excuses me for possible errors in language as i'm not a natively english speaker (i'm from The Netherlands).

    Greetz Theo

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