Pressure Problems With New Boiler + Ceiling Damage

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  1. Yorkie, the difference in readings is most likely down to the accuracy of the two gauges - there's no obvious reason why they should be different, other than the one in the loft possibly being at a lower pressure 'cos it's physically higher up, even tho' it's a sealed system.

    But, you do need to get the system down to a sensible level, and that's around 1.5bar in your case. Just keep bleeding - it will fall.

    And - yes - that is 'cold' pressure. It will likely rise as the system heats up, but I wouldn't worry unless it goes over 2bar (ideally it shouldn't fluctuate much at all, but in practice it can do, especially if the system is on a few levels.)

    Next step is to NOT replace your mixer shower with an electric one. Electric showers are awful, especially in winter. Combi-driven showers are superb - as much hot gushing water as you could want. And you are thinking of removing the remaining 'good' thing about combis?!

    Seriously - you'd be as mad as a Mr Hatter to swap them. Your new combi should be reliable, so don't worry about it packing in any time soon...

    That leaves the only 'real' drawback, that of slow bath fills. There is no solution to this other than giving yourself 10 more minutes.

    Accept that - and be happy.
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    Thanks again for the input. I've finally got the pressure down to 1.5 by draining more water from the radiators.

    I shall reconsider my shower options after the recent comments, it's just that when we did have recent boiler problems
    we were stuck without hot shower and bath water for over a week !

    Here's a joke for you blokes ..... why did the queen hire a qualified heating and gas engineer to walk her little dogs ?
    Answer ... because she wanted someone that was Corgi registered !

    Regards to all.
  3. Pleased to help.

    But - please - less of the jokes... :p

    Your boiler is having teething problems, partly down to poor info from your installer. Once sorted, your boiler should run reliably for a good number of years before any other issues arise.

    Yes, whilst it's not working you will be without hot water. But - honestly - I don't think that is not a good reason to replace what should be a brilliant shower with a nasty leccy one.

    Ultimately it's your call - your priorities.
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